The 2018 World Cup is taking place in Russia as I type this. Talented footballers from around the world are playing soccer to the delight of crowds both locally and via international broadcast. Being such a huge event, it's unsurprising that the World Cup has inspired some rather... unique promotional products. Today we're taking a look at some of our favourite memorable promo gifts for (and inspired by) the 2018 World Cup!


  1. Promotional products create immersive experiences.
  2. Practical gifts promote brand exposure.
  3. Promotional products are cost-effective marketing.


weird world cup promotional products LV

Strange World Cup Marketing Merchandise

While we're no strangers to unique promotional products here at Cubic Promote, we still can't help but be amused at some of the quirky items that have been inspired by the latest World Cup.

Official Logo Branded Ushanka Hat

russian hat branded world cup

While buying a traditional Russian Ushanka might be a little on the pricey side (given they're often crafted out of fur) the World Cup has brought a more animal and wallet-friendly option to the market with their logo branded foam Ushanka. Costing around $20AUD these natty little hats look like a lot of fun but likely won't be used outside the event (or at least we'll imagine people reconsidering the fashion choice once the cup is over).

 Luxury Adidas Branded Velvet Ball

adidas luxury soccer ball world cup

From silly but functional to downright bizarre, this almost $20,000AUD ball is the definition of a ridiculous indulgence. Hand-decorated in a traditional Russian style with Swarovski crystals, this velvet ball won't win you any points on the field, but would likely look amazing on display in a decadent mansion.

Full-Colour Printed World Cup Backsacks

full colour promotional backsacks

This is a practical and appropriate promo gift for a sporting event, but it's the elaborate full-colour decoration that makes it interesting. Based on traditional Russian designs, the World Cup logo and its eye-catching, subtle blue variants take this simple product into the realm of something fantastic. Who would want their athletic gear in one of these?

 Louis Vuitton World Cup Bag Collection

louis vuitton promo bags world cup

And for those with money spare after heading to the World Cup and already investing in that velvet Adidas ball, why not buy some Louis Vuitton World Cup-inspired duffle bags, handbags, wallets, and more. Each boasts a pattern inspired by the panels on soccer balls, but at $2000-$7000AUD, each these wacky luxury gifts definitely aren't bags for casual Cup fans.

Impact of Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise plays a powerful role in creating lasting connections between fans and events. The World Cup was no exception, as it inspired a range of promotional products that left a lasting impression. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Immersive Fan Experience: Branded merchandise allows fans to feel a deeper connection to the event. Items like the official logo branded Ushanka hat transport supporters into the world of Russian culture, providing a tangible link to the host country.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Promotional gifts with the World Cup logo, such as the full-color printed World Cup backsacks, serve as walking billboards, increasing brand visibility to a wider audience. The eye-catching designs based on traditional Russian patterns attract attention and spark conversations.
  • Brand Association: Luxury collaborations, like the Louis Vuitton World Cup bag collection, create an association between high-end brands and the world of sports. These limited edition items not only demonstrate a fan's dedication to the event but also elevate the perception of the brand among consumers.
  • Collectible Memorabilia: Branded promotional products become collectible items, especially when they are linked to significant events like the World Cup. Unique items, such as the luxury Adidas branded velvet ball, become cherished artefacts that preserve memories and hold sentimental value.

Practical and Functional Gift Value

While flashy and extravagant promotional products grab attention, there is immense value in practical and functional gifts. These items offer utility to users, ensuring that the brand remains a part of their day-to-day activities. Here are some reasons why practical gifts resonate with recipients:

  • Daily Brand Exposure: Practical items like promotional water bottles featuring the World Cup logo are used regularly, providing sustained brand exposure. Every time users reach for their water bottle, they are reminded of the event and the brand associated with it.
  • Increased Usability: Products like World Cup branded phone cases or keychains serve a purpose beyond the event itself. These items become integrated into users' daily routines, extending the longevity of the brand connection.
  • Audience Relevance: Practical gifts that align with the interests of the target audience resonate strongly. Athletic gear bags with World Cup-inspired designs cater specifically to sports enthusiasts, ensuring maximum usage and visibility.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Practical items often have lower production costs, allowing brands to distribute them on a larger scale. This cost-effectiveness makes them an ideal choice for widespread brand exposure.


In conclusion, the 2018 World Cup promotional gifts showcased both the power of branded merchandise and the value of practical and functional items. Whether through immersive experiences or utilitarian products, these promotional gifts left a lasting impact, connecting brands with fans and ensuring the spirit of the World Cup lived on beyond the event itself.


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