White Castle is an American burger chain that's mainly popular in the midwest of the country. Here in Australia we probably remember the brand best as the fast-food restaurant the titular heroes craved in the 2004 movie, "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." Today we're checking out their range of seasonal logo branded gifts just in time for the holidays.

promotional white castle xmas gear

Promotional Goodies for Fast Food Fans

Like a lot of casual dining restaurants we've blogged about lately, White Castle is beginning to recognise that swag goes hand-in-hand with cheap, cheerful foods. The company's online store, The House of Crave, has been decked out with seasonal treats in addition to the regular range of promotional products available for visitors. Some of the seasonal items include;

seasonal promo gear lunch box seasonal promo gear baubles

Standard Custom Swag All Year Round

However, as great as the seasonal gear can be for a profit boost, if you're interested in having an online store for merchandise you'll need some "all-rounder" products that work for the rest of the year as well. White Castle does this by stocking an assortment of colourful logo decorated items featuring their logo without the Christmas embellishments. These include;

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Images and details from: https://www.mybrandmall.com/whitecastle