Logos are a great way to send a message to consumers about your product without having to say anything. The importance of having an effective logo is huge for businesses large and small. It provides a graphical representation to showcase the companies’ unique identity.

Add Logos To Promotional Items

With a great logo, you can create a united front for your company by branding items like clothing, stationery and computer accessories. This can help create brand awareness to increase sales and revenue.

Best 2015 Logo Designs

owl logo

Recently the top logo designs of 2015 were released. The winners were judged based on logo concept, story board, unique idea and design. These logos highlight what it takes to stand out from the crowd. You will notice no two logos look the same, creating an aesthetic that is positive to the image the company is trying to convey.

See below some examples of excellent branding ideas:

Film Academy Logo

Beauty Logo

GTR Logo

Philidephia Level Lens Logo

By Caitlin Wood

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