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Any event can be enhanced visually and acoustically. It can be an expo or a conference or an outdoor charity event! Adding good ambience to your activity is an easy way to attract crowds and enthusiasm to your event. The easiest way to do this visually is through promotional items. The colour it adds as well as the "fun," factor makes it easy. Better still it can get everyone involved. On the flip side the type of music and the sounds that you can create for your event is also just as important.
Sound is a great way to attract people. Long before a participant may see you and your conference event a potential customer may hear you if they are nearby. So what works in drawing crowds and what wont work? Here is a list that may help:
- Keep volume at a level where its loud but not loud enough that you have to talk over it. You must still be able to carry a conversation in a normal way even if you are near a speaker.
- Up beat but not fast music. Definitely avoid slower rhythms.
- Tailor the music to the event. So you dont want childrens music at a boating convention for example.
- Avoid music or sounds that are at the extremes frequency wise. Therefore no low bass and no sharp treble sounds. These sounds can get on peoples nerves
- When there are announcements or speeches definitely turn off the music
- Equipment quality matters! Low quality equipment creates sounds that are distorted and muffled which makes conversations even at low music volume impossible. Best to hire equipment.
Having great sound which is appropriate and upbeat is a great way to host your event. Creating an atmosphere which appeal to your senses of hearing and sight can draw more visitors and offer a more pleasant experience to both your team as well as your potential customers!
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