The uniqueness of merchandising in the lead up this Christmas does not stop. This time the humble custom printed wrapping paper has been tweaked into something extremely interesting. Introducing to you the Jimmy Dean custom branded wrapping paper that smells like a sausage.

jimm dean custom printed wrapping paper

The Promotional Item Gimmick

Wrapping paper for the festive season that smells like a sausage. What type of sausage may you ask? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? This hilarious freebie gift is from the company called Jimmy Dean (cool name for a sausage company by the way). Imagine the look of surprise and glee on children's faces when they see this product.

How Jimmy Dean the Company Promotes Using it?

The set up in using this delightful marketing promo was simple. On Jimmy Dean's website, they announced a giveaway for customers to enter. To enter, customers needed to submit a photo and a recipe for a meal cooked using any of Jimmy Deans sausages and products.

Was the Marketing Stunt a Success?

You bet it was a success! It seems like all the wrapping paper has been temporarily out of stock and given away. The demand for the paper has seemingly lead to a vast number of people submitting recipes and photos of yummy meals.

Best Quote from Website

How is this for a catchphrase for a promotion. "It smells like sausage, but it still tastes like paper," says the company representative on their promotional video.

A Major Concern

A little controversy was created with this wrapping paper. Some on social media commented, "what would happen to the presents that are wrapped in sausage smelling paper if there were dogs and cats around." Indeed this is a legitimate concern, that I hope the company may address.

This is a pretty cool idea right? Sadly this is only available in America, and I am not aware of any company in Australia who is replicating this.

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