We're all familiar with online spam, whether it's in our emails, texts or social media messages. But how bad is the problem? As the number of Internet users is growing constantly, so is the number of advertisements and spams – which in turn has increased the demand for ad blockers.


Keep reading to learn more about this matter. We'll discuss why marketing promotional items keeps going strong, without needing an ad blocker for those intrusive spams.

Key Points on Spam Statistics

  • 162 billion spam emails are sent daily, making up 49% of the 333 billion total emails each day (2022 data).
  • Nearly everyone (96.8%) has received spam in some form.
  • Common spam topics include prizes, job offers and banking.
  • 77% of those targeted by AI phone scams have lost money to scammers.

Ad Blockers on the Rise

Ad blockers hide ads on web pages using filtering rules. Users can customise these rules and even make exceptions for trusted websites. This software targets pop-ups, banners and auto-playing videos, giving users an ad-free browsing experience.

Users dislike ads that are intrusive, irrelevant or disruptive. They use ad blockers primarily to avoid these types of ads and to improve page loading speeds. 

Enduring Influence of Promotional Items

With remote work changing how businesses operate and digital marketing taking the spotlight, it's easy to forget about promotional items. But these items still matter. Research suggests that after 2020, 79% of people who receive them are still likely to buy from the company later.

Classic Practice Never Goes Out of Style

These promotional items featuring your logos stand as solid representations of your brand, unaffected by spams, hence there’s no need for an ad blocker. Companies that invest in traditional/classic advertising spend a great deal of time and creativity crafting successful marketing campaigns that generate substantial revenue.

Traditional Marketing and Promotional Items

Promotional items custom branded with your logo offer various benefits for any business. Items like pens, mugs or t-shirts are less likely to be discarded, ensuring prolonged visibility for your brand. By investing in the right promotional merchandise, your brand can remain in your ideal customers' line of sight for months or even years.

Finding Balance in a Branded World

Forget pricey marketing plans; aim for balance instead. First, figure out who your customers are by noting their age, location and income. This info will help you reach them effectively and get the most out of your marketing budget.


At Cubic Promote, we offer custom clothing, corporate gifts and promotional products. With affordable prices and extensive selection, we cater to businesses, associations and events Australia-wide. Skip the headache on irrelevant spams. In the real world, there is no need for an ad blocker. Contact our sales team today to find the perfect branded items for your needs!