The next Australian semester for colleges and universities is around the corner. It is time for many to start thinking about how to attract and reward new enrolments. Appealing and useful promotional items, such as notebooks and diaries, have always been hot. Find out what other must-have products you need for your promotional gifting needs.

notebook black cover with pen

Classic Products You Need

Orientation days are always fun, and it is tempting to hand out gifts that are the craziest most out-there type of products. What I say is, still hand out those crazy products, but don't forget the traditional products. Useful products that genuinely make life easier for students will always be accessible.


Products like promotional stylus pens, touch styluses, flash drives, notebooks, diaries and promotional bags.


Promotional products are hugely beneficial in driving awareness of any brand. Pens, flash drives and other related items offer a unique way to showcase brands logo, slogan or message. These promotional items often feature large imprint areas perfect for advertising purposes. Additionally, pens, notebooks and diaries allow potential customers to appreciate and use the product for an extended period of time which extends the longevity that a brands message can reach out with.


Styluse pens on the other hand are cost-effective solutions great for techy promotions as they have mass appeal from students to professionals alike who probably already own smartphones or tablets. Promotional bags such as backpacks meet multiple needs firstly acting as a 'home' where people can store their belongings with ease everywhere they go yet also serving another purpose more exposure for any branding associated with it!


The Crazy Items

So your thinking that you need something crazy to wow young students. The most insane options come from your imagination, and our custom made indent service. Turnaround time for custom made products is 4-9 weeks. Simply come up with something with your imagination, and Cubic Promote will make it into a physical product for you.

Careful of Controversial Products

Certain products have negative connotations in a specific context. Any product relating to alcohol or tobacco is an example. Therefore please give products a long consideration before gifting. Some examples include stubby holders or cigarette lighters. Do consider these products, but do give it a lot more thought than usual though.

Products that Last Year-Round

A good idea for promotional products is items that last all year round. This is where quality matters. Promotional bags, high-quality mousepads and other useful items are appropriate.