While you're building your brand the dream is to achieve international recognition, but sometimes when you hit the big time you're bombarded with others ripping off your unique logo and look. Here are some of the most ridiculous logo brand rip-offs we've spotted online and I think you'll agree, some of them are pretty outrageous!

Promotional Logo Look-Alikes

the north face mountain logo rip

You're no doubt familiar with The North Face, an internationally successful outdoor clothing & accessories company. But have you seen their off-brand counterpart, The Huge Mountain? Exact same logo design just a totally different name - ouch!

ugg boot logo rip offs

Everyone loves Australia's own Ugg boots but as their popuarity has soared, so have the cheap knock-offs. One such imitation is the aptly named "UGH" boots which, well, speak for themselves.


We've talked about the success of sportswear company Adidas before on this blog and their slogan "Impossible is Nothing" is just as famous as their logo. However this dodgy rip-off version botches the slogan into the far less inspiring "Nothing is Possible" which, well, doesn't quite have the same ring to it now does it?


First spotted here: https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-offbrands-knock-offs/