They don't have Chips Ahoy in Australia last I checked. However, that does not stop me from admiring their merchandise. The range of promotional items on offer from Chips Ahoy cookies in 2019 is rather impressive. These items are quite beautiful. The graphics and designs look so effortless. What is really impressive is that they do minimalist designs without looking like they're trying. The look is loud and beautiful, perfect for attracting attention.

chipsahoy socks promo products aug 19

Products for Fun

What is the central theme that I see when looking at the Chips Ahoy merchandise? One word. Fun. Specifically, laid back summer fun. The products are all intended for a good time. This synchronises with the brand and the product that they sell. Food that is fast, delicious and fun to eat.

What is on Offer?

So what is on offer from this range of unique merchandise? Check out the list here:

I love Chips Ahoy's effort in creating this range of personalised gear. It reminds everyone that custom branded merchandise can be fun. Also, it tells people that you can do so much more than merely imprinting a logo onto a product. Why don't you consider getting creative with your products? Have personalised graphics and consider getting simple designs in primary colours on all your products. The results may be exciting, indeed.

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As always, ask the team at Cubic Promote for creative ideas, if you don't have the time or inclination to do this yourself.

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