GQ Magazine (aka Gentlemen's Quarterly) is a men's magazine that has been covering style, culture, and fashion for men since the 1930s. Originally an American production, there's international versions of GQ all over the world, including GQ Australia. You'd think that a style magazine with an illustrious pedigree might be a little outdated and stuffy when it comes to their own promotional merchandise, but GQ's online store is a treasure trove of unique gear that blends streetwear with runaway looks flawlessly. Let's check it out below.

Overview of GQ Magazine and its Promotional Merchandise

The premium quality, stylish, and sophisticated content of GQ Magazine has earned it a reputation. The magazine offers an exciting collection of promotional merchandise to improve brand image and recognition, complementing their engaging articles. Their product range includes custom accessories and branded clothing that cater to readers with refined tastes. GQ Magazine's promotional merchandise is diverse and offers something for everyone- a unique range of wearable clothing and stylish accessories. We applaud GQ Magazine for their cutting-edge and high-quality promotional merchandise, which aligns with our focus at Cubic Promote to create remarkable promotional items that meet our clients' requirements.

gq melting logo t shirt

Promotional Swag for Fashionable Men

GQ's online shop is a mix of fashion-forward attire, such as embroidered caps & logo printed t-shirts,  and fun accessories like logo pins and drink bottles. While these are all fairly standard products for a media company hoping to gets its audience spending on branded gear, the approach GQ has taken is a lot more playful and unique than you might expect. Rather than sticking with the traditional GQ logo only, they've introduced a streetwear-inspired "Slime Monster" version of their logo as well as putting their old logo in some gnarly new artwork. The resulting products definitely linger in the mind, making them a smart choice for an old brand that needs to keep on top of current styles.

hoodie gq eight ball logo promotional logo pins gq

Eye-Catching Attire for Brand Fans

What kind of merchandise makes up the bulk of swag from GQ's online store? Well, the majority of it is clothing (which makes sense for a magazine that focuses on style) but there are also some memorable other gift ideas available as well. These include

  • Logo Printed Custom Hoodies
  • GQ Logo Decorated T-Shirts
  • Logo Branded Gym Drink Bottles
  • Premium Signet Rings With Logo
  • One Colour Print Bandanas
  • Personalised Caps
  • Logo Emblazoned Lighters

However, what truly sets these items apart is the diverse range of logo interpretations available. If you prefer the simple, classy, original GQ logo then it's available. However, if you're interested in a more flashy design there's the "8-Ball" design or even some collaborative works. It

gq promotional bottle branded gq traditional t shirt top

Feel Inspired and Get Noticed

If you have a simple logo and want to give it a new lease on life without losing its impact, why not draw some inspiration from what GQ has done with their online merchandise. Use your logo as part of an artistic design that highlights what's important to your brand, or perhaps brand it using a unique method like embossing. If you need some suggestions or product information then speak to the Cubic Promote team about your goals today and maybe in a few months it will be your online store making headlines!


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