While we're slowly but surely returning to our favourite everyday activities here in Australia, we still have a while to go before the status quo is restored -- even longer for places like the US and the UK, that are still struggling to contain COVID-19. So a trend we're likely to continue seeing for a while is the slew of online "virtual events" that people can participate in from the comfort of their home. And like any other event worth paying attention to, these ones come complete with promotional merchandise!

baby yoda virtual swag

Raise Money for Charity, Wear Great Merchandise

One of the virtual events that stands out is the "I Run 4 Movement" in the US. This organisation lets you sign up to complete a 5km run at your own pace in any location -- whether you do it by walking on your balcony each day, by using a treadmill, or by going into the great outdoors in states with light restrictions, the choice is yours. The goal is to complete your run but two other elements provide additional motivation: 1) each entry earns a donation for a relevant charity, and 2) when you sign up you get a sweet pack of branded merchandise!

puppy running branding fits friends parody running gift pack

Promotional Gifts for Every Taste

Part of what makes these gift packs so appealing is that they each contain a set of useful, relevant products but there is a huge variety of branding choices to pick from. Products virtual event attendees can expect to receive upon signing up include:

The logo designs all offer positive, fun, and inspiring messages about staying active -- including the ones that parody titles like Friends, Forrest Gump, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, Top Gun, and more. People are signing up in droves to participate in this online event because they want to do something good for the community and be rewarded with a gift pack that makes them feel good too.

frontline heroes promotional gift pack anchorman logo branded running gear

Inspirational Marketing Merchandise

While we here in Australia can't participate in this exact event, there's nothing stopping Aussie charities and businesses from drawing inspiration from a successful overseas promotion. Perhaps you want to inspire people to return to active movement now we can leave our homes. Or maybe your in-person conference has been scrapped in favour of a virtual conference. Whatever your reasons, custom printed clothing and associated gift products help your recipients feel as if they are part of something greater than themselves, making them ideal for virtual event attendee packs.

Contact the friendly Cubic Promote team today to learn more about the types of gift packs we offer and how we can assist with catering to virtual events now and in the future.


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