Embroidery is a decoration technique used primarily on wearable items such as promotional clothing and headwear. But what is embroidery and why is it a popular branding method for these particular items? Today on the Cubic blog we'll learn more!

Colourful logo embroidered on grey t-shirt

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a branding technique that involves using thread to add your design to the surface of fabrics. Traditional embroidery is an ancient craft and the modern, bulk-branding version is only really different in terms of scale. When a design is embroidered onto a promotional polo shirts, for example, the fabric must be pulled taut and positioned carefully to ensure the design application is consistent. The shirt is placed onto an embroidery machine that is pre-loaded with a digital version of your design.


The machine then stitches your logo onto the shirt's fabric using an automated needle-and-thread process. The technique can replicate extremely intricate designs but isn't suited to large scale designs (owing to the weight of the stitching and the overall cost).

So Who Opts for Logo Embroidery?

Embroidery is a popular choice for schools/universities and companies seeking corporate uniforms. You can often spot people at work around Australia with a company logo embroidered on the chest of their business or polo shirt. Embroidery doesn't tend to fade or damage easily, even with regular washing which gives it an advantage over some cheaply applied print techniques. Embroidery also has a premium look to it and we perceive it favourably (in a similar manner to the way we view laser engraving on metal items).


The embroidery technique also allows for the use of multi-coloured stitches without an additional cost, as embroidery costs are determined by stitch count. Because modern bulk branding involves digitally programmed embroidery it is also a technique that can be utilised for personalisation without breaking the bank. So you will often see embroidery on people's shirts featuring their initials, their role, or department in addition to their corporate logo.


What Can Be Embroidered?

Embroidery requires fabric so, at present, it is limited to clothing, towels, aprons, and headwear such as beanies and promotional caps. T-shirts can be embroidered but are overall better suited to print techniques so the most popular clothing that we embroider includes custom polo shirts, bulk business shirts, hoodies, and jackets.


For headwear, people generally opt for embroidery on trucker caps and branded bucket hats. The best way to know if a product in our range can be embroidered is to speak with our friendly sales team, as they can identify these items for you quickly and easily. And there you have it, a quick introduction to embroidery as a potential branding technique for your design! If you'd like to see embroidery in action, be sure to watch the video from our factory below.


If you'd like to learn more about embroidery as a branding technique or simply want to discuss getting your design embroidered onto some merchandise, give our friendly team a call today.