We can't believe it's been two years since we originally blogged about the crazy unique Pantone promotional cafe! As the name implies, the cafe was established and run by the Pantone group (the world's leading colour match system) and featured a variety of delicious edibles in unique Pantone colours. After the success of the previous cafe, Pantone is back in 2017 with a new feature eatery that has PMS branding on everything you can imagine!

PMS cafe branding lunch PMS cafe branding juice

Run in the lush surroundings of Monaco, Pantone's new pop-up cafe is bringing back some of its old classics while outdoing previous years with some unique collaborative elements and extensive, stylish branding. The theme this year is "Taste the Colour" and the menu is bound to let visitors do just that! Imagine sinking your teeth into PMS matched pizzas, salads, pastries, eclairs and macaroons - each with a matching colour you look up via the Pantone system and use in your daily life.

PMS cafe branding coffee PMS cafe branding eclair

What makes Pantone cafes so successful is a combination of exquisite food choices and the consistent, memorable branding featured across all products (even the cafe's menu and exterior are PMS colour matched and decorated!). Fans of design and innovation are impressed not only by colour code ice cream, but merchandise such as napkins and cups that similarly match the cafe's themes. Best of all, when visitors get home they can look up the colours (such as "Lemon Zest 1300758" from an eclair or "Vanilla 12-0712" from yoghurt) via the PMS system and use them in their own print, design or branding.

PMS cafe branding double eclair PMS cafe branding ice cream

The PMS cafe sounds like our kind of eatery! Yummy food that's also full of useful inspiration for designers and artists. Now if only we could get one to come to Australia and bring with it its extensive range of promotional merch!!

Cafe details first spotted here: http://www.pantone-cafe.com/#concept