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Promotional Banners & Flags

Buy promotional banners printed with your graphics and logos. Promotional banners are a fantastic cost-effective marketing tool used to advertise a brand, event, or message effectively. We carry a wide array of promotional banners suitable for conferences, conventions, award ceremonies, and in-store advertising. Our custom printed banners are perfect for those who wish to get their brand, campaign, event, or simply a message noticed and stand out from the crowd.

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We Digitally Print Banners& Flags in Full Colour

Using the latest digital print technology, we expertly digital print your logo or graphic in full colour onto banners and flags of all styles and sizes.The result is a non-fading, high-quality piece of advertising merchandise with high clarity that will stand out from the crowd and be an attention grabber.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our promotional banners are printed and stocked right here in Australia. The standard turnaround is 2 weeks, including delivery. We also offer the option of a 24-hour turnaround for urgent orders. So if you require our banners urgently, please let us know when you make the order.

What are Banners?

A banner is a large, freestanding piece of material that offers a large area for displays such as names, messages or information for the public or the targeted audience. Using banners is a low-cost, effective advertising method commonly used by organisations and companies to promote their brands, campaigns, or events. They use smaller items such as customised magnets and flyers for their event giveaways as well.

What Types of Banners are There?

Banners exist in various styles to serve different purposes.

Pull-Up Banners are tall and portable, thus commonly used at events and in shops where easy-to-spot signage is needed.

Tear Drop Banners and Flags are generally used to display a logo, brand name, or event name. They are much lighter to carry compared to Pull-Up banners. They are ideal for advertising in schools, organisations, and events.

Pennants are another type of banner with a smaller displaying area, generally in a triangle shape. This type of banner is mostly used in sporting events and competitions.

FAQ on Banners and Flags

Do you supply banners with logo printing?

Yes, we supply banners and flags with your unique logo or design on them.

What is the smallest number of banners I can order?

The minimum order quantity of promotional banners we can supply is 1 unit.

Do you sell Australian made banners?

Yes, we offer Australian made banners as well as banners that are decorated locally.

How do I keep my banners clean?

Always store banners in a cool, dry place. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe off any dirt on the surface. Depending on the material of the banner, some can be washed with mild cold soapy water.

Where to Use Pull Up Banners

Almost any location or event will have a use for pull up banners. Places we have supplied banners to include: Business Conferences | Grand opening events | Car shows | meetings | Showrooms | sales events | school events | tradeshows | science exhibitions | sports events.

Advantages of Pull up Banners

Pull up banners are amazingly convenient. When folded they are compact and easily stored or transported to other locations for use.

As a display item, a pull-up banner offers a huge space for you to promote events, create public awareness or to show-off your products or services.

Display banners are superior to many other types of displays because they can be erected quickly and easily. When not in use, the banner is protected from dust, dirt, wind and even moisture when it is retracted into its mechanism.

In other words, pull up banners offers you a high impact visual result that is easily achieved and can be carried around with ease.

Cheap or Premium Banners

We supply more affordable banners with a simpler lightweight construction for shorter events, such as a five-day tradeshow.

Also, we also have mid-priced, as well as premium banners that are suitable for year-round use in retail locations, offices or public areas. These premium banners offer a more robust design and are more durable for longer-term use.

Image for full colour digital printing on pennant.

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