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Promotional Camelbak Mugs 

We sell promotional Camelbak mugs custom printed with your company’s logo or design. These high-quality mugs are perfect for active lifestyles and outdoor use. Customise them to ensure your brand stands out.

For more than 18 years, Cubic Promote has been a trusted provider for over 4,500 Australian businesses annually. Our dedication to providing high-quality promotional products is well-known. As one of the few carbon-neutral certified companies in Australia, we prioritise sustainability. By choosing our branded Camelbak mugs, you're supporting a company that values both quality and environmental responsibility.

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About the Brand: Camelbak

Camelbak is renowned for its innovative hydration products, including high-quality mugs designed for durability and performance. Known for integrating user-friendly features with robust materials, Camelbak ensures that each mug meets the needs of active individuals, making it a trusted choice for those who value reliability and convenience in their drinkware.

Branding Techniques for Branded Camelbak Mugs

Customise your Camelbak mugs with our specialised branding methods:

  • Laser Engraving: Utilises a laser to permanently etch your design into the mug’s surface, creating a subtle, high-end look that is durable and scratch-resistant, ideal for showcasing your logo with precision.
  • Screen Printing: Involves pressing ink through a mesh screen onto the mug, allowing for vibrant, full-colour or single-colour designs that wrap around the product for maximum visibility.

Explore our range of promotional mugs that can be customised with your company logo or graphics. 

What Makes Personalised Camelbak Mugs So Unique?

Camelbak's range of mugs is vacuum-insulated with two walls, ensuring that they maintain stable drink temperatures (hot or cold) for longer than mugs without this feature. In addition, the non-slip silicone base is perfect for use on delicate surfaces as it avoids scratches, and the powder-coated stainless steel outer body is extremely tough, making it ideal for travelling.

Finally, each Camelbak mug has a spill-resistant lid with a sliding closure to help control the flow of your drink. These mugs are all BPA-free, feature your branding alongside Camelbak's and have a lifetime guarantee. Truly one of the best promotional mugs we have in the Cubic Promote catalogue!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Mugs

Do you supply Camelbak mugs with custom printing?

Yes, we sell authentic Camelbak mugs with your logo branding alongside the Camelbak logo.

What is the minimum number of Camelbak mugs that I can order?

The smallest number of promotional Camelbak mugs we can sell is 12 units per invoice.

Can you sell Camelbak mugs without the Camelbak logo on them?

No, Camelbak mugs can only be sold with the brand's logo on them as standard and your own decoration as added by Cubic Promote.

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our promotional products.

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