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Promotional Chocolates

Indulge your clients and prospects with our delightful range of promotional chocolates, customised impeccably with your brand logo or message. Given the universal love for chocolates, personalised chocolates are guaranteed to make a delightful impact. Whether gifted as corporate tokens or distributed as part of a marketing initiative, our branded chocolates will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. With an array of choices from personalised chocolate bars to custom chocolate gifts in unique shapes, we have something for every taste and branding need. Our diverse collection, including boxed, foil-wrapped, and novelty-packaged personalised chocolates, ensures your brand is associated with a delightful experience without overshooting your budget.

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Designs on Personalised Chocolates

Our go-to method for branding your personalised chocolates is a vibrant full-colour, digitally printed label, perfect for showcasing your corporate artwork or special occasion message. This method excels at capturing fine details, gradients, and a range of vibrant colours, allowing your brand message to shine through. Beyond the traditional, we've recently introduced an innovative branding technique that allows us to meticulously etch designs and photographs onto promotional chocolates using refined icing. These masterpieces in the world of branded chocolates are positioned to be the highlight of your next event or gathering.

Fast Delivery for Branded Chocolates Across Australia

Be assured that our range of personalised chocolate bars and gifts are readily available in Australia, waiting to be imprinted with your branding. Our usual lead time for personalised chocolates spans two weeks, inclusive of delivery. However, if you're pressed for time, simply intimate us during ordering, and we'll strive to speed up the process to a mere three-day production turnaround.

What are Chocolates?

Chocolates are delightful treats made primarily from cocoa beans, which are seeds harvested from the cacao tree. The process of making our personalised chocolate bars involves fermenting, drying, roasting, and grinding these beans, eventually leading to a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth effect. Over time, personalised chocolate bars have evolved into various forms and flavours, with additions such as milk, sugar, and a range of other ingredients, resulting in different types like dark, milk, and white chocolate. Chocolates are not just mere desserts; they make perfect gifts for celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. From a humble cocoa bean to a universally adored treat, chocolates have indeed come a long way!

Storing Your Personalised Chocolates

For optimal enjoyment, chocolates are best preserved in cool, dry environments, away from any extremes of temperature or moisture. Aim for a temperature between 18°C (65°F) and 20°C (68°F). Upon unsealing, store them in an airtight container to maintain the freshness of your personalised chocolate bars.

FAQ on Our Branded Chocolates

Do you supply promotional chocolates with logo branding?

Absolutely! Our chocolates can be adorned with your logo, either through a full-colour label on the packaging or direct imprinting on the chocolate itself.

What is the minimum requirement of personalised chocolates that I can order?

For mid-sized branded chocolates and boxes, the minimum order is 100 units. For smaller items like chocolate coins, the requirement is 500 units.

Do you make traditional boxed branded chocolates with customisation?

Yes, we offer branded chocolates in bespoke boxes, appropriate for occasions like Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Are your personalised chocolate bars Australian made?

We pride ourselves on providing Australian-made chocolates, crafted in our Queensland and Victorian facilities.

Do you provide eco-friendly packaging for branded chocolates?

We offer green packaging options, including kraft paper bags and boxes, which can still be branded with your logo.

Do you provide options for vegan promotional chocolates?

Several of our dark chocolate variants are vegan, devoid of any animal-based ingredients.

Dive into an Array of Flavours of Personalised Chocolate Bars

Our promotional chocolates offer an extensive palette of flavours like Milk, Mint, Orange, Dark, and White (with a 20% premium for the white option). Assuredly, there's something to captivate every palate. For insights on branded chocolates or product recommendations, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team or explore our Chocolate Buying Guide.

Authentic Australian Craftsmanship for Personalised Chocolate Bars

Our promotional chocolates are a symphony of authentic ingredients sourced from industry stalwarts like Lindt, Nestle, and Cadbury, and meticulously crafted in our Queensland and Victorian facilities. Every bite promises a genuine chocolate experience, meeting the rigorous Australian food safety norms, complete with safe, edible inks.

Delivering Freshness and Quality for Personalised Chocolates

We understand the dismay of receiving melted personalised chocolates. Hence, all orders are dispatched in insulating foam boxes, ensuring the contents stay cool. Upon receiving, it's advisable to avoid storing personalised chocolate bars in warm areas, ensuring their delectable freshness. Should you have queries regarding our delivery mechanisms, our team is always at your service.

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Promotional Chocolates?

When you select Cubic Promote for your promotional chocolates, you're opting for quality, innovation, and expertise with any order of personalised chocolates. Our dedication to excellence ensures that all of our personalised chocolate bars resonate with the premium taste and visual appeal, perfectly marrying your branding objectives with the universal love for this sweet treat. With decades of industry experience, we understand the nuances of branding and tailor our promotional chocolates to create lasting impressions. Trust Cubic Promote to elevate your brand's visibility with branded chocolates that are as memorable as they are delicious.

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