Custom Chocolates Personalised With Your Branding or Logo

Everyone loves receiving chocolate as a gift, but if you're looking to give something really memorable, then you can't beat personalised chocolate decorated with your logo. Cubic Promote is proud to supply a large assortment of custom chocolate options that we tailor to meet your requirements. Whether you need a luxury gift for a corporate event or simply a refined treat for birthday/wedding attendees, our branded chocolates fit the bill. We add your logo to each chocolate or its packaging and deliver them in bulk direct to your event or business.

Premium Chocolate With Your Decoration

Here at Cubic Promote, we stock only the finest quality personalised chocolates. Handmade in the hearts of Queensland and Melbourne; our chocolates are guaranteed to look and taste incredible! In addition to a standard assortment of chocolate options, we now have an exclusive patented branding process that allows us to etch lifelike photographs and designs onto promotional chocolate using fine icing. These sumptuous works of promotional chocolate art will undoubtedly be the star at your next corporate event or function.

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Promotional Chocolate Flavours

Chocolate is one of those fantastic sweet treats that can come in an assortment of classic flavours such as Milk, Mint, Orange, Dark and White (20% extra for pricing on white options). Your recipients about to find a flavour they love among the refined corporate treats you give them. If you would like more information on custom chocolate branding or would like help choosing the right product for your event, please contact our friendly staff or check out our Chocolate Buying Guide.

What are Promotional Chocolates?

Promotional chocolates are one of the most popular confectionery products available on the market today. Chocolate is a sweet food made from roasted and ground cacao beans, typically sweetened with milk and sugars. Chocolate can be shaped into any required look using a mould during the production process. This versatility and flavour means chocolate is extremely popular as a corporate gift.

Chocolate Hand Made in Australia

Our promotional chocolates are custom blended in our Queensland and Victorian facilities for a rich, natural chocolate taste. We make our chocolate from authentic ingredients we source from industry leaders like Lindt, Nestle and Cadbury. You can rest assured that all custom printed chocolate sold by Cubic Promote meets Australian food safety standards including our safe, edible inks. Shelf life for our chocolates is around one year from production.

Keeping Custom Chocolate Cool

There's nothing worse than discovering that your yummy custom chocolate has melted! To make sure your chocolates don't get too warm, all orders are delivered in foam boxes to help keep their contents cool. Once your chocolate arrives ensure they stay fresh by not storing them overnight in your office. If you have any queries about how we box and deliver chocolate for maximum heat protection, please don't hesitate in contacting our friendly sales team.

Branding Your Logo on Chocolate

Customised chocolate adds an accent of sophistication and warmth to corporate events or gifts. By utilising unique icing and food safe ink printing techniques, we can produce refined chocolate treats to suit your business or personal needs. While the results are undoubtedly lavish, there are custom printed chocolates to suit every campaign or budget. Contact us to receive a personalised quote.

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