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Promotional Sheaffer Pens

Buy Sheaffer pens custom printed with your graphic or logo. Custom Sheaffer pens are luxury American writing instruments synonymous with quality. If you're interested in promotional pens aimed at staff members, corporate peers, or writers, then Sheaffer pens are a fantastic choice. Cubic Promote stocks a wide assortment of authentic Sheaffer pens that offer a genuinely enjoyable writing experience. So whether you give custom Sheaffer pens as gifts for the office, home, or travel, you can be confident you're providing your recipients with elegant pens that will stand the test of time.

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We Pad Print & Laser Engrave Sheaffer Pens

Using the latest pad printing technology, the Cubic Promote team will screen print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto the barrel of plastic Sheaffer pens. For metal Sheaffer pens, we prefer laser engraving, which perfectly carves your design directly into the surface of the writing instruments. Whichever style you choose, you will walk away with professionally finished Sheaffer pens featuring your logo emblazoned onto the side.

An Exquisite Custom Gift

Sheaffer Pens make delightful custom gifts for business partners, committed staff, excellent students, and anyone who makes a significant impression on you. Sheaffer is a brand known high quality, meticulously crafted prestigious writingf instruments which is what make these gift-boxed pens such exquisite and valuable corporate rewards.

Add these custom branded A5 compendiums to complete your custom gift set.

What is a Sheaffer Pen?

Sheaffer pens are high-quality writing instruments developed in America over 100 years ago. Sheaffer manufactures luxury fountain and ballpoint pens for discerning individuals keen on smooth-writing devices that have a refined look and feel. Because Sheaffer offers a lifetime mechanical warranity on its products, their writing instruments have become enduring symbols of prestige and performance.

FAQ on Sheaffer Pens

Do you supply Sheaffer pens with logo branding?

Yes, we supply Sheaffer pens with your custom logo, name, or message.

What is the smallest number of Sheaffer pens I can order?

The minimum quantity of custom Sheaffer pens we can supply is 5. However, if you need less, let us know and we will assist you.

What is the difference between Sheaffer fountain, ballpoint, and roller ball pens?

Pens tips vary and give different writing experiences according to their type.

  • Fountain Pens: These have a reservoir from which water-based ink flows continuously to the metal nib like old-school dip pens. Fountain pens are for those keen on calligraphy or who prefer traditional writing techniques.

  • Ballpoint Pens: These feature a tiny ball tip which transfers ink from a cartridge to the paper. Ballpoint pens use oil-based ink so they offer light, everyday weight to your text.

  • Rollerball Pens: These writing instruments also feature a ball tip like the ballpoint, but they use water-based ink. The result is sharper writing on paper.

Do your Sheaffer pens come gift boxed?

Yes, Sheaffer pens come gift boxed in Sheaffer brand boxes so they're ready for immediate gifting.

Who uses Sheaffer pens?

Sheaffer Pens are known for their established quality and craftsmanship, they are regularly used in the corporate world and education sector. They've also been the pen of choice for talented celebrities, including Walt Disney, Sylvia Plath and Simone de Beauvoir, making Sheaffer pen esteemed writing instruments that people will appreciate as gifts.

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