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Promotional Tea

Buy tea bags custom printed with your graphics or logo. Tea is a fantastic promotional gift for any industry keen on promoting wellness and relaxation. We carry a large variety of refreshing herbal teas and traditional black & green teas in sturdy bags that minimise wastage. Our custom branded tea bags are great for conferences, offices, and promotions alike. So whether you're keen on a single cup of Earl Grey or a bulk supply of local Australian loose-leaf herbal tea, Cubic Promote has a blend to suit you.

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We Digitally Print on Tea Bags

We use the latest digital printing technology to directly add your logo branding to our recyclable tea bag packaging in vibrant, photographic colours. If you'd prefer a loose-leaf blend in a bulk bag, we use digital labels to add your design to our foil-lined packs, providing maximum brand recognition while keeping your tea nice and fresh. Cubic Promote will provide you with professionally branded tea bags and packs tailored for your exact event or campaign.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Here at Cubic Promote, we offer a general turnaround time of 2 weeks for most of our products due to our stock being held here in Australia. However, for our promotional tea range, we also offer fast shipping. So, if you have a company high tea next week, talk to one of our friendly sales managers, and they will ensure it gets to you in time.

What is Tea?

Tea is a classic beverage made by pouring hot water over dried plant leaves. While tea originated in China and has been consumed there for centuries, the western world often associates tea with Britan and the Royal Family. When boiling water is poured over tea leaves the colouring and flavouring from the leaves seeps into the water, making a delicious drink for people to enjoy. Depending on the tea being drunk, people may also include milk or sugar to increase the tastiness. Tea is a popular drink consumed in the morning or afternoon, making it a very versatile beverage.

Tips for brewing the Perfect Cuppa

To begin, put your kettle on to boil or a pot of water over the gas burner. During the boiling, prepare your tea by placing the tea bag inside the mug and include sugar if you so wish. Add to your cup once the water boils, and then dip the teabag up to 12 times to get the most flavour. Next, you must stir the liquid to ensure that all the sugar and tea leaves have dissolved properly. Finally, add a dash of milk to cool down your tea and give it a creamier taste. You should now have the perfect cup of tea!

FAQ on Tea

Do you supply tea bags with logo printing?

Yes, we supply tea bags and tea packs with custom decoration.

What is the smallest number of teabags I can order?

The minimum quantity of teabags that you can order is 50 units.

What tea flavours are available?

Our range of Tea Flavours is as follows:

  • Black tea
  • Green Tea
  • White tea
  • Chai Tea
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Rosehip
  • Rooibos
  • Hibiscus

We can also create unique tea blends upon request, so let us know if you're after a custom blend.

What is the difference between individual teabags and bulk loose-leaf packs?

The most significant difference between individual tea bags and loose-leaf is the way they are stored. Teabags hold the tea in a porous bag, whereas loose-leaf is ground up tea leaves without a bag.

Loose leaf tea tends to have a more flavorful taste as it allows the water to completely submerge all the leaves, whereas the compact tea "dust" in tea bags does not. Lastly, although there is an extensive range of teabag flavours available, loose-leaf blows this number out of the park due to the ability to blend different flavours into one beverage.

If you'd like to get the most out of your loose leaf tea, combine your purchase with some promotional tea pots so your recipients can start brewing immediately! Chat with our customer care team to learn more about gift packing for tea sets today.

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Tea Bags with Card

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