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Promotional Mints

Logo branded promotional mints are a staple means to market your brand at conferences, business lunches, expos, product launches, and large scale events. Promotional mints are a popular choice because they are cost-effective, refreshing to taste, and easy to carry around an event. Help perk up your conference participants and trade show attendees by investing in tasty custom mints produced by Cubic Promote with your logo design.

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We Pad Print or Digital Print in Full Colour

Using pad and digital printing technology, we expertly print your logo or design from 1 colour up or a full colour printed label onto the packaging of the mints. The result is superbly finished with your logo decorated on the packaging.

What is a Mint?

A mint is a lolly with a fresh minty flavour. It is a candy that can be hard or chewy and an excellent choice for events and marketing your brands. It comes in a handy size that can provide tasty treats to your guest or participants.

Other sweet treats for your customers are customised lollies and branded jelly beans. We can have them packaged together with your mints.

Storing Your Bulk Mints

Always keep the container close and store it at room temperature. Then, enjoy your mints at least 12 months after a manufactured date to savour the freshness.

FAQ on Mints

Do you supply mints with logo printing?

Yes, we can supply mints with your logo on the packaging. Our promotional mints come with 1 colour print on one side as standard. We can also do full-colour digital print and full-colour sticker labels with a slight additional charge.

What is the smallest number of mints I can order?

The minimum order quantity for packs of mints start from 100 units.

What is the difference between sugar-free and regular mints?

Sugar-free mints contain sorbitol with fewer calories than regular mints. Also, sugar-free mints can help protect your teeth from cavities. However, people with sweet tooth will enjoy regular mint.

Can I get mints in eco-friendly packaging?

Yes, we offer eco-friendly packaging such as a paper box. We also have adorable and recyclable tin packaging, perfect for storing small things once you finish the mints.

Do you offer individually packaged mints?

Yes, we offer mints that are individually packaged, especially for our mentos, which are in demand for hotels, restaurants, and banks. Individually packaged mints are great for showing your appreciation to your visitors and clients. In addition, our mints can be branded or unbranded, depending on your request.

Brandable Mints For Conferences

Mints can be a useful confection people carry in pockets and purses regularly. This fact alone makes them a fantastic choice to give out at conferences or large-scale events, as your recipients will keep them close by for regular use. Mints do not melt or damage easily, and they can last up to two years from production if you store them away from light and in moderate temperature conditions with minimal humidity. Once we brand the packaging of your mints with a unique logo design, they're bound to turn heads no matter where you distribute them!

Custom Mints With and Without Sugar

Another great feature of the mints available from Cubic Promote is that we stock mints with sugar and sugar-free mints. Sugar-free mints are a fantastic option if you're conscious of dental hygiene or wish to promote a healthy lifestyle. They're also very popular as breath mints for conventions or expos. Mints that contain sugar are often the traditional peppermint style or chewy like a Mentos. These are great if your recipients require a more substantial product or if you're giving them as a personalised treat.

Logo Emblazoned Mints Are Cheaper in Bulk

Mints are very cheap products to buy individually, but they have even better value when buying them in bulk. So why not plan and purchase mints for current and upcoming events when you order with Cubic Promote? We will decorate and deliver mints to meet your corporate requirements at fantastic prices every time.

Box Of Mints with a Full Colour Custom Label

Mints in Rectangle Tin

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