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Promotional Drinkware Glasses

Buy glass drinkware custom printed with your graphic or logo. Unique glassware makes an eye-catching gift for event attendees or hard-working staff members no matter your professional industry. Cubic Promote stocks a large range of drinkware glasses, all of which are stylish and sturdy. Our custom branded glasses are reusable products that will make an impression whether you're at an awwards ceremony or just sharing a new cocktail mix with friends around the bar at home.

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We Pad print, Imitation Etch and Laser Engrave Drinkware

Cubic Promote has access to all the latest technology in branding techniques, ensuring our ability to offer a wide range of customization for our Drinkware. For example, pad Print allows any logo or artwork of up to 3 colours to be printed directly and accurately onto your glassware.

Furthermore, to raise your branding to the next level, laser engraving carves your logo directly into the glass's surface with precision giving it an excellent finish. Finally, suppose you are looking to be cost-effective yet want a professional look. In that case, imitation etches ink imitates the finish of a laser engraving and prints it onto the glassware's surface.

Fantastic Glassware Gift Sets

Our range of Glassware Gift Sets is one of the most popular choices for those looking to purchase a memorable gift. With the ability to personalize the sets, they make perfect gifts for weddings, 21st or Anniversary events, as they are a timeless reminder for these celebrations.

What is a Drinkware Glass?

Drinkware glasses are gift sets or miscellaneous pieces of glassware for certain types of drinks and events. They tend to be used for parties or special occasions and display pieces on the family mantle. This type of promotional product is commonly used by companies within the alcohol industry, branding their logos onto the glasses typically used for their type of alcohol. Companies also use them as farewell gifts to give their past employees a reminder and a sneaky piece of promotional material.

How to clean your Glass Drinkware

Cubic Promote strongly recommends washing your glassware by hand as they are not dishwasher safe. Instead, you should use warm water and a small drop of detergent and wipe down the Drinkware with a soft sponge, taking special care when washing the branding. If placed in a dishwasher, the heat will, over time, cause the ink to deteriorate and wash away.

FAQ on Drinkware Glasses

Do you supply glasses with logo printing?

Yes, we sell drinkware glasses with your logo added using the methods of pad print, imitation etch or laser engraving.

What is the smallest number of glasses I can order?

The smallest number of drinkware glasses you can order is 36 of any type.

What is the difference between a cocktail glass, a martini glass, and a margarita glass?

The most significant difference between these three glasses is the volume of liquid they hold, dictated by their shape. For example, martini glasses are wider a shallower, whereas Cocktail and Margarita glasses tend to be deeper and thinner, as these drinks typically have more liquid.

What kind of drinks are served in a mason jar glass?

Mason Jar Glasses are the most common glassware used to hold cocktails and drinks designed as communal drinks. The most common of these is a Hawaiian Punch, which many people tend to drink throughout the night.


You may also want to consider our promotional glass mugs as a great alternative option.

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