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Promotional Kids Box Gift Sets

We sell kid's gift sets and gift boxes custom branded with your logo or graphic. Show your appreciation for the little ones. Our boxes are perfect for special occasions, celebrations, milestones, Christmas or any event where you need kids to be occupied. Need gift box ideas for children? Then you have come to the right place. We sell kid's gift boxes in bulk. Our children's gift sets are specially assembled to suit a range of ages.

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Kids Activity Kits for All Personalities

We have a diverse range of gift set kits for all types of kids to keep them entertained. We have kits to encourage:

  • Creativity in Art
  • Sporty Children
  • Concentration
  • Fun and Games
  • Creativity in Writing

Who Do We Recommend This For?

Promotional Kids Box Gift Sets are specially designed for:

  • Schools and Educational Institutions: To encourage learning and creativity among students.
  • Children’s Events Organisers: For giveaways at parties, festivals, or educational events.
  • Pediatric Healthcare Providers: As a friendly gesture to young patients during hospital visits or treatments.
  • Children's Product Brands: To promote new products or services in a kid-friendly manner.
  • Corporate Family Days: As part of engagement packages for employees' families, enhancing corporate community spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products stocked in Australia?

Yes, all the products in this category are stored here in Australia.

How fast are turnaround times?

We can deliver bulk volume of gifting kits with a two-day turnaround time plus freight time.

Are the products safe for children to play with?

All products are quality-checked and fit for purpose. Yes, they are safe for children to play with.

Can I get Gift Kits with a different choice of products?

Let us know what type of products you like, and we can tailor a children's gift kit suitable just for you.

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