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Why carry a packet of business cards with you when all you need is a small, very smart, tag?

Business Card Reinvented

Introducing the Blue Smart Tag.

Just like a Blue Smart Card, it enables you to instantly share information with your clients normally found on a traditional business card. And a lot, lot more. Start with your contact details, then add all your social media assets, then your websites... Then when meeting with a prospect or client, tap your tag with their mobile phone and your information is ready for them to accept instantly.

But unlike the Blue Smart Card, this amazing new technology comes in a small tag that you can stick on your phone, wallet or other hard surfaces. You’ll save space whilst making it easier to grow your business network.

More than just a smart business card, it’s your virtual name tag

The Blue Smart Tag is much more than just a business card. It’s your virtual name tag.

You can use it to brand yourself the way you want others to see you. So that the most relevant people within 45 metres can find you easily. It uses Blue’s Auto-Networking technology and the latest encryption codes. So you can safely introduce yourself to the world and maximise your networking opportunities.

The Blue Smart Tag is the only business card you’ll need. For the cost of a box of printed business cards, you’ll have an innovative smart business card to impress your potential customers.

Save space and throw away your traditional business cards. Get a Blue Smart Tag and start growing your business network in a smart and COVID-safe way.

Watch this video to find out more:

Change your Blue Smart Tag on-the-go without printing costs

Unlike a traditional business, you’re not stuck with whatever was printed on your latest batch of cards until they run out. Blue Smart Tag allows you to tailor your details on the go. You can even modify it to suit different groups – business or social.

Today’s clients are looking for more than just a name and phone number. They need your social media details for ultimate networking. Your Blue Smart Tag can share all this in one simple tap … Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube channel, company website and more…

Why not customise your Blue Smart Tag with your company logo and website details? This is available upon request. Make your enquiry today and be one of the first to own the newly launched Blue Smart Tag in Australia.

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