Unique Promotional Product Buying Guide

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The cool thing about promotional items is that you have all the freedom to choose the product and customise it however way you want. Your only barrier is your imagination and if you go for the wow factor, you can be sure that you will get the attention of your recipients with really funky stuff. Your main concern should be the prominent placement of your company logo on a really cool product that your customers, clients or employees will surely love.

Hot Pink and Yellow Sunglasses

Cool Stuff at Corporate Events

If you are planning on making waves in the next business conference or trade show you are joining, make sure you come up with a bright idea for your personalised corporate giveaways. If your company is in the sporting business then you can definitely wow your market with unexpected high-activity items such as customised boomerangs, printed underwater cameras, or a custom-printed poker set. Of course you can still go with the traditional items like soccer balls or dart sets and still be making an impact with your corporate logo emblazoned in them.

Funky Promo Gift Ideas

Australia is a great place to promote your brand with unique promotional products. Some popular options include beach towels, custom hats and caps, reusable water bottles, sunglasses, travel mugs, custom thongs, branded BBQ tools, promotional beach bags, custom surfboard keyrings, and branded sports towels.

Beach towels are especially popular in Australia due to the country's love for beach activities. Adding your company logo or branding to the towel is an excellent way to promote your brand. Custom hats and caps are ideal for outdoor events, while reusable water bottles are great for environmentally conscious people. Sunglasses can also be a practical and stylish promotional product, especially in sunny Australia. Travel mugs are perfect for coffee-loving Australians, while custom thongs are unique and suitable for summer events.

Branded BBQ tools are perfect for promoting your brand at barbecues, a popular activity in Australia. Promotional beach bags are also stylish and practical for the summer months. Custom surfboard keyrings are unique and eye-catching, especially since surfing is a popular sport in Australia. Finally, branded sports towels are practical for fitness-related activities and sporting events, and they're a great way to promote your brand.

Things to Take Note Of

When giving away promotional items, there are some basic things you need to get down pat in order to ensure that you will get exactly what you want out of your advertising campaign or marketing push.

Logo placement

The whole point for buying corporate giveaways is to create awareness for your company or brand. Make sure that the item you pick will carry your logo well. The artwork should be catchy and highly visible for recipients to be able to make the connection between the promo item and your company or product.


Buying promotional items take time. From selecting the item, to coming up with your logo design, to ordering and delivery, until the time that you hand out your free gifts to your customers, employees or prospective clients. You need to be able to come up with a timetable and keep track of your progress to ensure that everything is moving along just fine.


If you are giving your items away as Christmas presents then it is as simple as delivering them to the addresses of the recipients. But if you plan on giving them away at conferences or trade shows, you may want to plan out how to present them to the attendees. They way you give out your items will figure a lot in creating brand awareness. Some companies even organise their own special events to generate a lot of interest and to ensure that their product or company will be well remembered.

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