Promotional Puzzles Buying Guide

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For some businesses, choosing promotional merchandise is a serious business. This should not be surprising because oftentimes, they are handed out in bulk and can take a considerable percentage of the marketing and advertising budget. Personalised products can only be effective if you have managed to choose the right product to associate with your business. Also important is to be creative to establish memory recall and brand recognition especially with the tough market competition. If you are looking to hand out promotional toys, which are always on the top of the list of best corporate gifts, why not choose custom-branded puzzles?

prmotional puzzles

Why Choose Promotional Puzzles

Handing out customised puzzles is perhaps one of the best giveaways as they can engage the consumers for hours at a time. This means you have the person’s undivided attention while they are solving the puzzle and your name will be burned to their subconscious the longer and more frequently they play such a game. Plus, they are fun and interesting!

Benefits of Puzzles

The really great thing about custom puzzles is that they are not meant for any specific market. In short, they can be played by anyone. While trying to solve a puzzle, an individual can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhance the following skills: math, problem-solving, cognitive, and fine motor skills.
  • Improve hand and eye coordination
  • Boost confidence
  • Teach self-correction
  • Develop persistence
  • Improve social skills (for group puzzles)
  • Develop deductive reasoning and abstract thinking
  • Spur creativity and imagination

Who Uses Promotional Puzzles?

In the vast marketing universe, promotional puzzles have emerged as a delightful enigma that entices businesses and consumers alike. A myriad of industries, from titans of technology to boutique mum-and-pop shops, are cracking the code to success with these fascinating brainteasers.

Educational institutions, non-profits, and even event planners are piecing together the benefits of these customisable conundrums. As customers and clients untangle the mysteries of these promotional puzzles, brand loyalty and awareness skyrocket in tandem. Ingenious and interactive, these captivating ciphers are a brilliant stroke of marketing genius, and can be used by almost anyone wanting to get a unique message out into the world.

Which Puzzle to Choose

There are actually several types of promotional puzzles you can choose from including:

  • Picture puzzles including sliding puzzles and jigsaws
  • Mathematical puzzles such as Sudoku
  • Logic puzzles such as chess
  • Mechanical puzzles such as Rubik’s Cube
  • Word puzzles such as crosswords
  • Puzzle video games
  • Folding puzzles

What to Keep In Mind

Since these are promotional puzzles, you have to make sure your company logo or artwork is prominently displayed on the item. If the print area is too small, go with a colour combination that your business uses for easier association.

You can hand these out during corporate events or expos and tradeshows. They are also perfect as souvenirs or giveaways during the holidays. For electronic games which require batteries, make sure you include the batteries in the set. Your customers will surely consider such a gesture thoughtful.

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