Yo Yo & Frisbees as Corporate Gifts

Thinking out of the box is an attribute of a market leader. In everything you do you need to shake things up and do the unexpected. This will surely grab everyone’s attention. When brainstorming your next promotional item you should try to think out of the box and come up with unexpected items like yo yo and Frisbees. Toys will always bring out the inner child in everyone and you will score high points in innovative thinking by using them as personalised corporate giveaways. A yo yo and Frisbees also offer an ideal vehicle for showcasing your company logo or product name.

These items are ideal for budget-conscious companies who want to create waves in their market. These customised items are perfect for corporate events like sports fests but they can also be hip when handed out at conferences and trade shows. Your intended recipients will be pleasantly surprised with the novelty of these items and your logo on the items will definitely be remembered. Product launches are also ideal situations for giving out these printed items, especially if you are targeting the youth or children.

A Yo Yo is Not Just for Kids

A custom-printed yo yo is not just for children, they are also perfect as stress relievers and a great alternative to the over used stress ball. Just think how far your logo will reach with this toy as recipients take it home with them and bring them along in their trips or just simply leave them in the workstation, ready for use anytime the going gets tough in the office. You can even organise tournaments with the yo yo if you really want to create some noise and generate attention for your brand.

Colour and Logo Print for Branded Yo Yos and Frisbees

Your custom-branded yo yo and Frisbees can come in lively shades of blue, red, green, and white. You may also have them in multi-colour if you like. For both items, but especially for Frisbees, the print area for your logo is more than adequate. You can even slip in a simple tag line or message on the sides to make your brand more relevant. Apart from the cool colours of the yo yo, you can buy the light-up type that is totally eye catching.

Types of Frisbees

Frisbees on the other hand are perfect corporate gifts for sports and outdoor products. You can organise a beach party and hand out these items or again, organise a Frisbee competition where your customised Frisbees will rule. Did you know that you have a choice between hard Frisbees that area ideal for outdoors and those that are made of soft fabric for some indoor fun? Both types are ideal for your logo placement.

So whether it is a trade show, a business convention, an introduction of a new product, or a regular advertising campaign, branded yo yo and Frisbees are really good promotional items that will be the topic of conversation and will be well remembered by all recipients. These items are cost-effective and they rate high on brand recall.

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