Embossing On Promotional Items

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Embossed Wristbands are very common promotional items. I know the embossed wristbands looks appealing, have you ever wondered how we create this fantastic result using embossing? It is a process involve using pressure to the surface of promotional items to create an image. The most common way to find a embossed product will be the embossed wristbands. Time, heat and pressure are the three main factors to create a quality embossed promotional product.

embossed promotional leather products

An Overview of Embossing

Embossing adds texture or 3D features to any object by raising the surface above or below the material's level. The artwork is cut into a steel plate, which then presses into the material–usually paper or cloth–forming a design that stands out from its background. Embossing can be used in combination with other forms of printing, such as screen printing or digital printing, to create fabrics and objects with complex shapes and patterns.

The most common applications for embossed promotional products are business cards and envelopes, product packaging, key chains, book covers and even jewellery boxes. It is also used for corporate stationery such as letterheads, notebooks and folders as well as branding elements like logos or labels on clothes and products. With proper care, embossed products can last for decades with minimal wear-and-tear thanks to their durable nature.

Benefits of Using Embossed Promotional Items

Embossing makes printed images stand out from their surroundings so they look more professional than just ink alone. It not only looks good but also helps promote branding in the long run since embossed items will stand up to everyday wear-and-tear better than regular printings would over time due to its raised nature which prevents smearing or fading of details over time.

Furthermore, having products which are uniquely branded helps create a memorable experience for customers as well as increase brand awareness when seen by others around them using your products or services - this could ultimately lead to more sales opportunities!

Embossing can also be used on various materials such as metal, wood, plastic and fabric - allowing you choose your own unique style depending on what type of product you’re looking to have branded with your logo(s).

For example; metals (such as brass) offer an extra layer of protection against scratches making them perfect for durability heavy jobs whilst wood offers an elegant finish suitable higher end promotional products such as boxes containing jewellery pieces etc.

Tips for Choosing the Right Material for Your Embossed Promotional Item

When deciding on what material you want to use when having your item(s) embossed there are few things you should consider first: What type of product am I trying to promote? Will it need high durability? Does my chosen material work best when combined with other processes (such as Screen Printing)? How much money do I have available?

Once you’ve got answers these questions you’ll be able to narrow down your choices significantly meaning you’ll soon have exactly what you need!

Examples of Embossing

embossing compendium

silver embossing

What Promotional Items Commonly Use Pad Printing

Embossed wristbands / Promotional Wrist bands / Branded Corporate Compendiums / Custom Travel wallet leather / Promotional

embossing machines embossed business card

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