Embroidery on Promotional Items

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Embroidery is an ancient method for decorating fabric using a needle and thread. Using modern-day machines that can handle large, bulk orders we utilise embroidery to apply logos to promotional products as diverse as apparel, headwear, and high-end bags.

Embroidered Towels in Blue

What is Promotional Embroidery?

Promotional embroidery is a stitching technique used to add your name, logo, or artwork directly to the fabric material. Embroidery has been around since at least the 5th century BC in China, with a variety of ancient European societies relying on embroidery for clothing and craft decorations as well. While many people still embroider designs onto fabric as a relaxing craft, our promotional embroidery is designed to stylishly and efficiently stitch your logo or name decoration onto large quantities of polo shirts, caps, laptop bags, business jackets, and more.

Cubic Promote uses several computerised embroidery machines that stitch digital pattern of your choice onto your clothing, headwear, or bags. While much of the embroidery process is automated these days, the human component is still essential for programming and positioning machines.

What are the Advantages of Embroidery?

actual logo embroidery on a polo shirt
  • The major advantage of embroidery is that unlike screen printing, there is no limit on the number of colours you can have in your design. Not only can we embroider any mix of colours you require, but we also don't charge based on the number of colours used. Instead, embroidery costs are based on the complexity of your design (the number of stitches used to complete your logo).

  • Embroidery is also a faster technique to complete than pad or screen printing because stitching does not require time to dry. Once the machine has embroidered your design onto your products, they are packed straight away and sent out for delivery.

  • Additionally, for orders over 100 units, there are no setup costs for most standard designs. This is not applicable to pad printing or screen printing, sadly, as these will always require a setup cost regardless of the quantity you order. This means embroidery is more cost effective overall for large orders and the technique we recommend for the best results on clothing and headwear.

What are the Disadvantages of Embroidery?

logo embroidery on promotional scarf
  • Embroidery can only be used on fabric materials such as clothing, hats, and some bags. This means we cannot use embroidery to decorate any of our plastic or metal products.

  • While embroidery isn't charged based on your use of colour, it is charged based on the number of stitches so the more complex or large your design, the more the cost of your decoration will be.

What Promotional Items Do You Brand Using Embroidery?

We can use embroidery as a preferred branding technique on an assortment of amazing items to suit all budgets. Some of the most popular items to embroider include;

  • Business Shirts
  • Promotional Caps
  • Custom Polo Shirts
  • Promotional Backpacks
  • Corporate Satchels
  • Branded Beach Towels
  • Personalised Sports Towels
  • Custom T-Shirts
  • Logo Branded Hoodies
  • and more!

How We Embroider Promotional Products

If you're curious as to how we manage the branding process using embroidery, please watch the video below. We filmed this in our Sydney factory to show you exactly how we brand en masse using embroidery. Even if you have a basic understanding of the process, we're sure you'll enjoy the video that breaks it down for you in several easy steps.  If you like our video feel free to check out our YouTube channel for more interesting behind-the-scenes footage from the industry.

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