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Embroidery on Promotional Items

Embroidery is one of the oldestmethodyou can use to brand your logo to any fabric promotional product. This branding method will work best with apparels, headwear and bags.

What is Embroidery?

The most basic unit of embroideryisstitches. Fromlong longtime ago, peoplehasstartusing different colour stitches together with different stitching techniques to createveryuniqueart piece. In modern time, we have moved to machine embroidery for large quantity production formoreefficient production process. Most of our embroidered promotional products are using machine embroidery for decoration.

advantage of pad printing

Advantages of Embroidery

The major advantage of embroidery is there is no colour limitation on embroidery. You can embroider any colour you like on the promotional product.

Embroidery has relatively quick turnaround time as well. Unlike traditional printing which needs to allow extra time for the ink to dry, we don't need to allow extra time for embroidery. As soon as the embroidery is done on the promotional item, we can then pack it straight away and deliver to the client.

There is no additional setup cost needed to be added on top of the total cost. Pad printing and screen printing will always associate with a setup cost which is the cost of setting up a printing plate to print the logo. For embroidery, there is no printing plate needed to be setup, we can thenwaivegoodbyto theset upcost.

Embroidery Patches


Disadvantages of Embroidery

Unlike printing which is priced base on per colour printed, embroidery is priced based on the number of stitches it takes. The more stitches it needs, the more the cost will be. So if you want to print your logo really big at the front of thetshirt, embroidery will be a very expensive process to go by.


What Promotional Items are commonly branded using Embroidery?

The most popular promotional item which utilizes this age old branding technique are promotional caps. However other than caps thereare a whole range of products that can bepersonalized withgreat effect suchas: Business Shirts / Custom Polo Shirts / Promotional Backpacks / Corporate Satchels / Personalised Socks / Branded Beach Towels / Personalised Sports Towels / CustomT Shirts and more!

An example of an embroidery job may typically look like this:

embroidery example on shirt



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