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5 Promotional Items You Need This Christmas

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With the temperature getting warmer and Jacaranda trees carpeting cars with their beautiful yet infuriating lilac flowers, it's time to start worrying about Christmas once again. But fear not, this list of the Top 5 Promotional Items You Need This Christmas will save you from the panic and stress.

1. Personalised Reusable Mugs

promotional mugs for xmas 2018

Reusable Mugs are in vogue at the moment and rightly so! They are a great way to advertise your brand, to stay eco-friendly, and most of all to keep your drinks hotter or colder for longer. If you like the look of the mug in the picture, it is no surprise; Our Vacuum Sealed Coffee Tumblers are the mug of choice for our #1 blog fan Lucy, due to the shape of the mug, and the fact that since it is made of stainless steel, who knows what is in it! Reusable mugs are the top choice for a promotional gift this year, so jump on board and order today!

2. Logo Branded Metal Straws

Promotional Eco Friendly Metal Straws

If you are an avid reader of this blog (Lucy, I'm looking at you), you would already know how I feel about plastic straws in my previous post, Sydney Doesn't Suck. Metal straws are the way of the future, as it means that you're reducing your carbon footprint, and you get into the habit of always having a straw on you (it's a lot handier than you think). Our new range of stainless steel drinking straws come in a range of styles, sizes and colours which means that not only are you able to get into eco-friendly way but there is enough variety that it also works as a reminder of whose glass is whose. Beautifully engraved, this is the perfect gift for your employees and high-value clients this year.

3. Printed Drink Bottles

promotional drink bottle xmas 2018

There is no avoiding it, Christmas in Australia is always boiling hot. Keeping hydrated is vital, so having your logo printed on a drink bottle is a brilliant way to ensure those you care about will stay safe and hydrated, along with showing off your company. If you want to take it up a notch and make some cocktails though, our Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is fantastic for a Mojito, as it keeps your mint infused in your drink and not in your teeth.  But the main point of this is to keep hydrated, we promise.

4. Promotional Sunscreen

promotional sunscreen for xmas 2018

Is there any better way to spend a Christmas Day than outside by the water, full of prawns and pavlova? Hells no. Is there any better way to spend Boxing Day than inside, sunburnt and covered in aloe? Definitely. Using sunscreen is just so easy and simple to make certain that you aren't risking your skin and your happiness, and it really does not take that much effort. With our range of promotional sunscreen, you can ensure that your clients stay safe in the sun this year. Our best selling model is our SPF 50+ Sunscreen 25mL, easy to just clip on our bag or keys and head off.

5. Custom Branded Seed Pots

promotional seeds for xmas 2018

Last on this list but definitely not least, are our range of personalised seed pots. With this gorgeous little kit, you can grow your own plants and give your clients the gift of life. These not only make the perfect little Christmas holiday activity, but it means that whenever this plant is fed or cared for, your custom branding is seen and linked to something so delicate yet so powerful as the gift of life, and frankly, that isn't something to sniff at. This also makes the perfect little wedding favour or gift for students of all ages. Incredibly versatile and so much fun, get your mitts on these kits as soon as you can.

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