Monthly Archives: April 2023

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  1. Why You Should Stock Up on Promotional Items During EOFY

    End of Financial Year Promo Items

    At this time of year it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed with all the tasks that are suddenly thrown your way - end of financial reports, tax returns, budgets and forecasting. But whilst its important not to forget these obligations; in amongst it all don't underestimate the importance ordering promotional products during tax time as there are some amazing savings and advantages to be found in this savvy EOFY practice!

    EOFY is Sales Time!

    Pre-purchasing corporate merchandise when you can find significant savings through direct sourcing or bulk buying is a clever move business owners should strongly consider at End Of Financial Year (EOFY). This strategy ensures top quality items that promote brand identity and delivers exceptional value compared to regular market prices if purchased later in the season. Some of the products that are extremely popular to "stock up" on during EOFY include promotional

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  2. Trending Promotional Products in Australia

    Promotional Laptop and Power Bank

    Are you looking for an effective way to spread the word about your business? Look no further - promotional products are the answer! Whether you're a local business down under or an online brand aiming for global reach, customised promo items provide the perfect platform to get your message out there. Plus, the inherent appeal of personalised swag means every potential customer remembers you. So what’s trending in Australia right now? Today on the Cubic Promote blog let's explore how local businesses can up their visibility with just a few simple key products.

    Promotional T-Shirts

    Custom printed t-shirts are always a hit and there’s never a wrong time to give them away as customer gifts or wearables at expos and tradeshows. Nowadays, even small businesses can affordfully order large quantities of high quality printed t-shirts without

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  3. Promotional Products: From Cheap Giveaways to Bespoke Business Gifts

    Cheap vs. Bespoke Promotional Products

    We've all encountered or even been given promotional items at some stage. Whether it was a promotional pen at a tradeshow or a t-shirt you won at a concert, promo items are no longer limited to these basic giveaway goodies that previous generations have relied on. Things have changed, and businesses like Cubic Promote are at the forefront of the change in marketing swag from cheap freebies to bespoke corporate gifts. Today on the blog, let's delve into why this shift has occurred and why it's important to take note of when you make your branding choices in the future.

    The Shifting of Brand Awareness

    Modern Australian businesses are investing more in their brand reputation than ever before, and let's be real; whether they're a burger restaurant or a home nursing service, they're keen to showcase their values, culture, and individuality in a way that will draw attention. By providing high-quality,

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