Monthly Archives: March 2016

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  1. Custom Uniforms For Olympics Team

    Ah the Olympics. For the dedicated sports lovers and the patriots out there, a triumph of Australian spirit. For the less enthusiastic, a time where television starts to seriously lack variety. Either way it's happening this year and the custom uniform designed for our athletes to wear during the opening ceremony has just been unveiled. And it's rather interesting to say the least.


    1. Uniforms showcase national pride, unity.
    2. Effective design increases brand recognition.
    3. Promotional uniforms bolster brand loyalty.


    Aussie Olympic Team Uniforms: Comparison

    Green and gold, the proud Australian colours that they are, are a bit hard

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  2. Personalised Items for a Building Company

    We at Cubic Promote see plenty of branding designs. It's not only our business, but also an interest of ours, and it's why our blog has plenty of examples of stylish branding. It's always great to see fantastic new art designs and brand identities. I believe the newer, more elaborate, more innovative design ideas out there are something to be considered for ideas and inspiration. Case in point, M&B Construction's brand new design identity, which has a striking design and colour choice that sets it apart from the rest of the field.


    • Unique and innovative branding designs, such as M&B Construction's striking seafoam green color choice. 
    • Unconventional color choices, like seafoam green, can evoke a sense of calm and elegance. 
    • Simple yet stylish geometrical polygon patterns can add a modern touch to the brand identity.

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  3. Amazing Instant Dry Umbrella

    Well it seems like Autumn has finally arrived here in Sydney. After an unseasonably warm start to the month, we now have cool and rainy weather. Hooray for those who were tired of constantly sweating due to the humidity, not so great for anyone caught outside in the rain. it's time to break out the umbrellas. Having had a longstanding paranoia regarding rain - if I have a bag handy, you can bet I've got an umbrella, even if it's in the middle of a scorching desert like heatwave - I'm always on the lookout for fancy, high quality umbrellas. And this new instant dry umbrella has certainly caught my interest.

    Shake and Dry in a Instant

    Umbrellas are waterproof yes, but are they actively water repellent? Considering the fact that where I work in the city there are buckets for umbrellas and

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  4. The History Of Wingdings Font

    Considering we're in the branding business, font are something of an interest of ours. I remember when I first discovered Wingdings back in computer class in primary school (or Elementary School as some might know it), I was amused but also absolutely baffled. A method of writing consisting entirely of random icons and pictures? For a young child who was just learning how to use computers it was very strange and very cool. I'm sure many others felt the same way when they came across that most bizarre of fonts. But that's not what Wingdings is for. It was never meant to be a way of writing down words, sentences, or paragraphs. It was actually something of a predecessor to emoticons and was meant to be a way to include pictures.

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  5. Supersized Selfie Stick

    The art of taking a picture of yourself, known as a taking a selfie, has never been the same since the introduction of the selfie stick. Since being brought into the market, the selfie stick has flourished as the go to tool for anybody wanting to take the popular selfie. Selfie lovers have rejoiced at their favourite new friend, removing all difficulty from getting the perfect angle that includes everyone with no ugly arms or fingers in the shot.

    Travel to any destination in the world and you will see hundreds of people holding these retractable sticks with their phones attached in the hope of taking the perfect pic. From lone travellers with no one to take a photo of them to big groups of friends trying to get everyone in the shot, it seems like the selfie stick does not discriminate.


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