Monthly Archives: October 2022

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  1. Using Gift Boxes for Promotions

    Kraft and Black boxes sitting on a desk

    Few products have as much potential as promotional boxes that you can pack full of unique presents for your family, friends, and peers. Not only can you pick what you want to put in gift boxes, but you can choose how to display them and pack them together, giving you full control over how your finished present looks!





    What could it beeeeee??

    As part of our current expansion of packaging options here at Cubic Promote, we'll look at how you can make the most out of gift boxes to elevate your gifts at work, home, or large-scale events.

    Why Choose Branded Boxes?

    The humble cardboard box is one of the most customisable and cost-effective

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  2. Custom Gift Boxing for Staff & Client Presents

    Corporate branded gift box on table

    One of the simplest ways to enhance the look of corporate gifts for staff members and clients is to package them in stylish wraps, bags, or boxes. But let's be real, who has the time to buy individual wraps/packages and put together more than one or two gifts in the lead-up to the holidays? And what if you're frankly just terrible at it, like me?

    Too real.

    Fortunately for those without the time (or, in my case, the skills) to chase down gift boxes and then package multiple gifts for corporate recipients, Cubic Promote now offers corporate gift boxes to make things easier! While this is a great idea for the holidays, please be advised

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  3. How to Organise Corporate Christmas Gifts

    Christms Cup, Notebook and Stress Ball

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there are only 74 days until Christmas 2022.

    While it is easy to panic when you see how far into October we are, your corporate Christmas gift campaign can still go off without a hitch if you start getting prepared over the next few weeks. Here at Cubic Promote, we recommend that Australian businesses start looking into seasonal staff presents ASAP to beat the rush and ensure speedy delivery for your office Christmas parties and events.

    First Step, Picking Personalised Presents

    According to our clients, picking the personalised presents you intend to give your staff, visitors, and clients is the hardest part of the corporate Christmas gifting process. It makes sense; you generally have diverse tastes to cater to and a budget and time

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  4. Promotional Gifts for a Rainy Australian Summer

    Open-Out Cheese Board with Utensils

    Couldn't resist a Wet, Hot American Summer gif for this one!

    It looks like Australia is in for another rainy summer, with forecasters saying that the east coast should prepare for another end-of-year La Niña event. While undoubtedly, most Aussies will be disappointed by this, at least knowing that heavy rainfall and humidity are likely ahead for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 means at least we can start preparing seasonally appropriate gifts for the holidays. Here at Cubic Promote, we have a lot of customisable gifts that will suit indoor entertaining and outdoor adventures in the wet. Today on the blog, we'll look at a few of these and how to make them work as part of your upcoming holiday gift campaigns.

    Wet Outside? Keep Busy With Indoor Games

    When it's

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