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  1. Always Wash New Branded Clothes

    There's nothing quite like trying on a fresh new shirt or slacks off the rack. However, when you get home don't give in to temptation and just wear the clothing without washing it first.  It turns out that there are a lot of potential nasties lurking in our "new" clothing and if we don't wash them before long-term us then we put ourselves at serious risk.


    1. Avoid health risks by washing new clothes.
    2. Unwashed promo clothing can damage brand reputation.
    3. Clean promo clothes uphold brand image.


    Off-The-Rack Clothing Can Be Dirty

    Although promotional

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  2. Disgusting Promotional Lipbalm Ideas

    We all love promotional lip balms and chapsticks; they keep our lips moisturised and protected from the sun's harmful rays. They're also just that bit more special when they have a delicious flavouring, particularly when it's a natural and delicious option. But what about all the other lip balm flavours out there? Did you know there's a whole assortment of gross and obscure flavours out there? We decided to check out some of the weirdest lip care options around.



    • Stand out with weird lip balm flavours.
    • Boost your brand with custom packaging.
    • Create unique lip balms for special occasions.


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  3. Pizza Hut's Amazing Promotional Apparel Range

    A lot of famous companies have been getting in on the promotional apparel craze (like McDonalds and Bud Light), but very few have remained as consistently stylish and innovative as the range of novelty clothing from Pizza Hut. They've recently launched a great range of "Hut Swag" that not only promotes their brand but directly benefits a charitable organisation to boot!

    Clothing and Headwear With Logo Branding from Pizza Hut

    What makes the range of customised clothing from Pizza Hut just so exciting is how casual and funky it manages to be without seeming to try "too hard" like other brands.

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  4. Why Buy Promotional Infusion Bottles?

    These days we're all working to keep fit and healthy in between the demands of busy working lives. One important way we can help our bodies daily is to stay hydrated by drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day (or the amount suggested by your physician). Our favourite tool for getting the job done? The Promotional Infusion Bottle.

    Stay Hydrated With Branded Infusion Water Bottles

    As we mentioned above, it can be super tough to stay on track with your daily hydration especially since water is fairly dull and can often seem like a chore to drink. This is why a lot of people opt for an unhealthy soft drink or overloaded sports drink -- the sweet flavour is appealing, and it quenches their thirst. Enter the promotional infusion

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  5. 5 Phone Battery Saving Tips

    It's hard to imagine a world without mobile phones and tablets, but at the same time, it's also rather tough to recall a world before we started having to worry about battery life. Cell phones are undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions of recent years, but it can be tough to keep them charged if you use your phone a lot during the day. Here are 5 of our favourite tips for minimising battery use while maximising energy saving on your phone!

    Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Phone Battery Life

    While some of these ideas might be old news, it's amazing how many people still forget the variety of ways simple adjustments can make their phone live longer during the work day.

    5) Use Your Phone's Low Power Mode

    One of the simplest ways to reduce power

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  6. Custom Fortune Cookie Messages

    Lunar New Year is in full swing, and that means people all over Australia are enjoying traditional treats and some not-so-traditional treats that are just a lot of fun during the season. Take, for example, fortune cookies. While their actual origin is somewhat murky they've become deeply associated with Chinese events and tradition, so we thought we'd take a look at some incredible customised fortune cookies and their messages just in time for the holidays.


    1. Customised fortune cookies for memorable branding.
    2. Engage guests with interactive messages.
    3. Personalised treats for unique promotions.



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  7. Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

    The Lunar New Year has ticked over, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year is a highly anticipated and significant holiday celebrated by people of Chinese descent all over the world. One of the most cherished traditions during this festive season is the exchange of red envelopes, also known as red packets, hongbao, or lai see. In this article, we will delve deeper into the cultural significance of red envelopes, explore the reasons behind the predominant use of the colour red, and provide practical tips for giving out these traditional gifts.


    1. Gift promotional red envelopes for blessings.
    2. Give crisp new banknotes.
    3. Avoid multiples of four.


    Chinese Red

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  8. Famous Promotional Logo Colour Swap

    While most of us can identify a famous logo like Amazon or Netflix without blinking, have you ever wondered if picking the logo would be nearly so easy if their colours were switched? How much of our perception of a brand is based on its logo's colour palette? This cheeky colour swap brings these questions to the forefront and gives us a few things to think about at the same time!


    1. Choose colors carefully for impact.
    2. Consider the psychology of color.
    3. Keep it simple and accessible.


     Competitors Swap Logo Colour Palettes

    It's easy to forget or to simply dismiss the fact that brands select their logo colour palette for a reason, and it isn't until you see the

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  9. Brand Promotion: Neoprene Phone Cases

    We've all been at a birthday party, concert, or in a government building and seen people using their smartphones as if their lives depended on it. In many ways, our current society is addicted to the instant gratification that comes with having a cell phone handy. Enter Graham Dugoni, creator of smartphone cases that help keep us focused on what matters.

    • Graham Dugoni founded Yondr, which offers locking neoprene phone cases to minimize distractions in various settings.
    • These cases provide benefits like shock absorption, water resistance, durability, lightweight design, and more.
    • The use of neoprene phone cases helps promote focus and engagement during important events or tasks.


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  10. 3 Football Logo Rebrands Fans Hated

    We often look at logo rebranding success stories but don't tend to focus on the failures. Soccer clubs all over the world have had some serious issues with rebranding in recent years, with their fans often starting petitions when particular logos didn't suit their image of the club. How bad are these logos? Well, we've picked three that made serious headlines -- tell us what you think!

    Promotional Logo Rebrands That Didn't Work

    There's nothing worse than when all manner of market research doesn't prepare you for a poor logo reception. Football fans are used to having the same logos for a long period of time, so any rebrand is going to be a big risk. Here are some new logos that just didn't work the way they were intended to.

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