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  1. Blog Exclusive Custom Flashdrive Discount


    Well Sydney might be in lockdown for at least 4-weeks longer, but that doesn't mean we don't have any deals left here at Cubic Promote! From July 28th until August 11th 2921 we're going to be offering a special bonus deal for our blog readers on locally stocked promotional USB flash drives.

    The Popularity of USB as Promotional Giveaways

    USB drives are a popular promotional giveaway

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  2. Unique Promotional Snack Ideas

    While promotional mints and M&M's in custom packaging are classic branded confectionery for conferences and events, sometimes your campaign calls for something a bit different. That's where the more unique promotional confections in Cubic Promote's range come in and don't worry, these are customisable just like the classics too!

    Australian Made Custom Fortune Cookies

    Baked right here in Sydney and individually wrapped, the customised fortune cookies we sell here at Cubic Promote are fresh, tasty, and the perfect addition to a wedding reception or business conference alike. Simply speak to the customer service

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  3. Lockdown Custom Fitness Essentials

    Are you recently (or, in the case of Sydney-siders, less recently) stuck in lockdown and struggling to think of promotional products to give your team members while they work from home? We're here to tell you that nothing beats fitness essentials for promoting healthy activity during lockdown!

    The Benefits of Promoting Fitness During Lockdown

    You're keen to keep your team members happy and healthy during lockdown? Then promoting fitness is the way to go, mate! Not only does physical exercise boost their physical health, but it also has a massive impact on their mental wellbeing. When they work from home, it can be hard for them to find motivation and maintain some sort of routine, which explains the reason why you gotta send 'em branded fitness products. But wait... what if that's not

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  4. Top Logo Branded Bag Picks

    Whether you're holding an event, looking to give customers a gift with purchase, or simply hoping to expand your marketing reach you'll find that promotional bags are some of the most consistent sellers in our industry. Because bags can be used for so many different purposes and have a high level of reuse, your branding enjoys great exposure for longer! But which bags make the cut for Aussie businesses? You might be surprised...!


    1. Promotional bags for longer exposure.
    2. Choose unique shapes and colours.
    3. Enhance bags with practical features.


    Popular Promotional Bags

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  5. Custom Lollipops for Lollipop Day 2021


    July 20th is National Lollipop Day in the USA and, while we don't have an equivalent national day here in Australia, we figured it's as good a time as any to celebrate this delicious confection on a stick! Lollipops also make fantastic promotional gifts particularly for events, mail-outs, and marketing campaigns. Learn more about what makes lollipops great below.

    Lollipops are a great choice

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  6. Ugly Promotional Sweaters in Australia

    We only mentioned the logo branded ugly sweaters from Vegemite last week, but this week has seen the Aussie branch of KFC join the fray for their own Christmas in July promotion. Unfortunately for us they managed to sell out of these amazing custom branded jumpers within 48-hours of launch, but it just goes to show how powerful these limited drops can be for promoting your business or event!


    1. Create buzz with limited-edition promotions.
    2. Align promotional products with seasonal trends.
    3. Engage customers through quirky branding.


    Custom Branded Winter Clothes

    Christmas in July sweaters seem to have been a hit with Aussies stuck in

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  7. Face Masks for Victoria & Queensland

    Today has brought news of further COVID-19 spread outside of NSW, with VIC set to endure another lockdown and QLD bracing for the next few crucial days. This is a very unfortunate situation and one we all hoped we wouldn't see again after last year.


    However, with our expanded capacity for reliable PPE supplies, the Cubic Promote team wants you to know that if you're in need of urgent face masks in any Australian state or territory, we can deliver.

    Bulk Face Masks for Express Delivery in Australia

    Face masks have proven to be an essential item during the pandemic, a lightweight piece of PPE that can be slipped over the face to help stop the spread of germs between individuals. Because face masks cover the face

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  8. Extended Sydney Lockdown & Cubic Promote

    Extended Sydney Lockdown & Cubic Promote

    Unfortunately with Sydney's COVID-19 outbreak still growing, the NSW premier announced today that the Greater Sydney area will remain in lockdown until at least the 30th of July 2021. For Cubic Promote, this situation presents both challenges and opportunities for us as a company. Here's what we are doing amidst this challenging period.

    Our Operations During Lockdown

    Firstly, let me just say that nothing changes for our customers during this time -- we will continue operating as usual with the only difference being that our customer care team is now working from home. You can contact them from Monday to Friday between 9am -5 pm EST by phone or email with any enquiries about placing an order or tracking your delivery status.

    We're not taking any in-office visits during

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  9. White Castle x PUMA Branded Swag

    US fast food giant White Castle is celebrating 100 years in business by collaborating with athletics giant PUMA to release some seriously cool branded merchandise. Aside from some eye-catching co-branded sneakers, there's a whole assortment of goodies fans of both brands may enjoy. Check out our thoughts below.

    Promotional Co-Branding on Merchandise

    Collaboration or co-branding works best on merchandise when two powerful brands unit to share their clout, it allows both to evolve their reach beyond their average audience and to open up possible new revenue channels. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the PUMA x White Castle merch collab, recently made available through PUMA's US store.

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  10. Top Branded Merchandise, Low Prices

    There is a common misconception that in order to have premium-looking promotional products, you have to spend a small fortune. While there are definitely some high-end promo gifts around, if you're working with a tight budget there are quite a few great value products that also have a high value attributed to them. Check out some of our best sellers that won't cost you a mint!


    1. High-quality promotional items can be affordable.
    2. Smart choice strategies are key.
    3. Maximise value with usage and visibility.

    Premium Yet Affordable Promo Items

    Custom Branded Aluminium Bottles


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