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  1. Last Minute Promotional Father's Day Gifts

    Father's Day is on Sunday, the 5th of September this year and if you'd like to use promotional products to advertise to the dads in your audience then you'll need to grab some of the express item options from Cubic Promote! We have lots of great value, fast turnaround items that come custom decorated to get your brand noticed by father's Australia-wide! Check out our top 3 suggestions below.

    Budget Choice - Custom Brass Pens

    If you're after a budget-friendly promotional gift for the fathers on staff or in your client base then you'll want to try Promotional Metal Pens from Cubic Promote. Not only can we despatch these items quickly, we can also laser engrave them with a thoughtful message or custom logo design

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  2. International Dog Day With Cubic Promote

    Thursday the 26th of August 2021 is International Dog Day, a date created to celebrate pooches no matter their breed or background. Here at Cubic Promote we offer a range of promotional products for dogs and their owners, but more than that, we just really like dogs!

    Customised Merchandise for Dogs

    The Cubic office dog, Coco, has been having a fantastic time in his favourite cardboard box (above) during International Dog Day, with some running around in the backyard for good measure. What have you done with your dogs today to celebrate? If you have a business, club, or community group then today is a great day to check out the custom pet products available at

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  3. End of Season 20% Off Sale Products

    To say goodbye to the winter months, retailers are offering incredible discounts on winter merchandise, making it the perfect opportunity to snag some fantastic deals on your favorite products. Cubic Promote is currently running a 20% off selected products promotion until the close of business on September 13th, 2021.


    If you're looking to score a bargain price on some of our best-selling promotional items then read on to find out more!

    Tips For Savvy Shoppers

    1. Shop early: Don't wait too long to grab your favorite items, as popular products and sizes may sell out quickly.
    2. Compare prices: Make sure to check different retailers for the best deals, as some may offer deeper discounts than others.
    3. Think ahead:
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  4. Whataburger Logo Branded Collaboration

    We've discussed the promotional swag from the US restaurant chain Whataburger in the past, with the Texas-based franchise releasing several popular merchandise collections in recent years. So of course now that they've put together a new brand collaboration with fellow Texas-based chain, Academy Sports + Outdoors, we had to examine their latest capsule drop! Learn more about this collab below.

    Promotional Apparel for the Outdoors

    Whataburger has a long history of associating itself with regional sports teams and outdoor activities in general, so it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that they've united with a Texan outdoor store for their latest brand collaboration. Academy

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  5. Money Saving Tips on Promotional Products

    Whether they're in lockdown or not, most Aussies are doing it a bit tough at the moment. However, that doesn't mean things like brand awareness need to be neglected. There are actually a lot of different ways to get maximum return on minimal investment when it comes to promotional gifts. Learn some of our favourite tips & tricks below!


    1. Take advantage of current deals.
    2. Opt for lightweight custom gifts.
    3. Maximise your budget with bulk purchases.


    Spend Less on Promo Items: Tips

    Take Advantage of Current Deals

    If your supplier has any current deals, use them! Here at Cubic Promote, for example, we have a specials page but we also have email and Google My Business deals regularly as well. You can speak

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  6. Logo Branded Cheez-It Merchandise

    Cheez-It®s are popular American crackers in savoury flavours, similar to Shapes biscuits here in Australia. Like a lot of other everyday food staples, Cheez-Its are looking to expand their brand influence using promotional products that tap into a lot of consumers' nostalgia for the tasty snacks.

    Promotional Swag for Snack Food Fans

    Comfort foods hold a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. Part of the motivation behind brands like Cheez-Its releasing custom merchandise is using this existing fondness to help move visibly branded wearables and gifts. What makes Cheez-It's attempt so pleasing to us, as observant branded merchandise suppliers ourselves, is just how straightforward, affordable, and eye-catching

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  7. How to Avoid Promotional Merchandise Bungles

    Breakthrough singers Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo have both been struggling with the bad press lately, but it isn't related to their actions or songs, it is instead down to some really shoddy merchandise being supplied to fans around the world. If pop superstars can't get their merchandise to look the part, do the rest of us stand a chance?


    Yes, if you follow our guide to ensure your promotional products look as amazing as they should!

    Have Basic Branding Guidelines

    When you engage a promotional item supplier such as Cubic Promote, it can help to have basic brand guidelines in place to share with your account manager. When we say "branding guidelines" we mean important things consistent across your brand such as colour codes (to make sure your colour is always approximately the same), font lists (you never have to worry about

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  8. Lockdown Bargains with Promo Gift Packs

    If you're keen to reach out and reconnect with customers during lockdowns in Queensland and New South Wales, one of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to invest in promotional gift packs. By providing a little goodie bag filled with useful items you can spark a conversation that won't blow the bank during this difficult time.

    Why Branded Gift Bundles Work

    People enjoy receiving unprompted gifts, particularly during tough times as they let them know they're cared about which can be extremely uplifting. But why opt for gift sets rather than just a standard singular gift per staff member or client? Well, there are a few reasons why top Aussie businesses like to select gift sets when they can over, say, individual items. These include:

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  9. New Promotional Products for August

    Winter is slowly coming to an end and Spring is almost upon us which means it's time for another spotlight on new and exciting promotional products in the Cubic Promote range! Check out our top picks below.


    1. Explore new spring-themed promotional items.
    2. Choose items aligned with your brand.
    3. Consider purpose, audience, and quality.

    Spring Themed Promotional Items

    Custom Branded Tic Tac Toe Games

    Need to entertain yourself during lockdown or want to offer a promotional gift to your clients that can be used indefinitely by young and old? You'll love our new Custom Branded Tic Tac Toe Games manufactured from natural wood and lovingly decorated with

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