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  1. Custom USB Thumb Drives (Literally)

    These days a lot of mail outs and event pamphlets bundle customised USB flash drives in with their pages. Often the intent is to ensure that recipients have access to digital versions of the physical hand outs or perhaps related catalogues. Canadian photographer Justin Poulsen decided to take this concept one step further when he put together his own USB mail campaign.

    Unique USB Drives That Are Thumbs


    Poulson's art is notable for the way it blends photography with highly detailed props, so when the artist needed to promote himself he came up with an ingenious way that combined pure promotion with his desire

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  2. Worlds Coolest Can Coolers

    Hot Australian Summers to most people mean, sun, sand, BBQ's and cold drinks. So what is the best way to keep drinks cold? The answer is a Can Cooler of course. Everyone would have seen regular can coolers, but we have done some research and have listed some of the best can coolers you will ever likely see in this world.


    1. Personalised can coolers for brand visibility.
    2. Choose eco-friendly options for sustainability.
    3. Stay cool with stylish promotional products.


    Unique Can Coolers

    The can cooler below is quite special. It comes with a cute little zip and a hoodie as well. The super cute design and the ability to personalize colours means you can personalize this cooler to your liking, such as the colours of your favourite footy team!

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  3. Memorable Marketing Mail Outs

    I came across some of the coolest marketing mail outs ever whilst surfing the internet. These mail out items are absolutely amazing in both design and execution. These examples really put many Aussie mail outs to shame. For far too long Aussies, have had to put up with mail outs that look like they were designed by monkeys. Check them out here and be prepared to "BE INSPIRED!"

    The Worlds Best Mail Out Items

    1) How often do you receive a mail out in the post that advertises an offer which is valid for a limited time. All the time right? Well this particular idea takes this to another level. You see this special offer for a discount for an Indian cosmetic company is actually

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  4. Pay it Forward With Post-Its

    A slice of pizza might not seem like anything special, but to the homeless of Philadelphia a single slice can mean the world. Mason Wartman only traded his Wall Street job for a pizzeria named after his mother in the past year, but already Rosa's (best known for its $1 pizza slices) is making a mark locally.

    How? Free Pizza For The Disadvantaged!

    One day a customer in Rosa's passed Wartman an extra dollar and suggested he use it to buy the next homeless customer a slice. Not only did he think this "pay-it-forward" idea was a great way to assist the local homeless people who frequently visited Rosa's, it also prompted him to draw a

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  5. Unusual Custom Bottle Openers

    Bottle openers are a staple of kitchens, BBQ areas and keychains the world over. Having a working bottle opener is essential if you're a fan of bottled drinks or enjoy hosting parties. Sure, we all have a standard silver-look bottle opener shoved into a kitchen drawer somewhere - but what about unique customised bottle openers that suit our own individual style? We've been on a quest to find some of the quirkiest bottle openers out there and boy, have we found some doozies!

    Fun Customised Bottle Opener Ideas

    Fan of cute and zany goodies for your entertainment area? We love this cute Little Monster bottle opener. This guy will grab onto any bottle or can and open it with his chompy

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  6. Essential Tools for Selfies

    I am not a fan of selfies, or any type of photography in that manner. So, it amuses and appalls me of how people do everything just to take a perfect selfie shot. To the extent that they're using gadgets like a selfie stick. Don't worry, mate! Cubic Promote got your selfie fans covered. In this post, we'll talk about promotional tools for selfies and how it can benefit your business.


    1. Promotional selfie items boost brand visibility.
    2. Engage customers through memorable experiences.
    3. Distribute through events, influencers, and gifting.

    Promotional Items for Selfies

    The Selfie Brush

    Want your selfie to have a bit of panache and respect? Then you need a Selfie Comb Iphone Case. Simply brush your hair on one side and stare at yourself on the other.

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  7. Why Power Plugs Vary By Country

    Have you ever been on vacation lately in Europe, Asia or America? You would have noticed that the power plugs vary widely. Why is this? Carrying a stack of power adaptors larger than a Smartphone is cumbersome and annoying, especially when you lose them (thank goodness for standardised USB charge cables).


    1. Customised adaptors promote brand exposure.
    2. Future of power adaptors is exciting.
    3. Lack of standardisation causes variances.



    Power Plug History

    Power Plugs were first used as a convenient device to move a lamp from room to room safely and easily. This was way back in the 1880's, during which inventors

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  8. 5 Geeky Custom Towels

    Nothing spices up your kitchen/bathroom decoration or beach bag quite like a unique customised towel. Not only are towels extremely functional long-use items, they're also the perfect simple canvas for displaying your favourite designs via print or embroidery. We've been checking out all sorts of towels in honour of the season and have found some seriously geeky designs we're sure you'll love!

    Geeky Logo Emblazoned Towels

    Whether you're the Winter Soldier looking to dry off or just a geeky Captain America fan, this awesome embroidered towel set features various symbols important to The First Avenger including his favourite colours -- red, white and blue!

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  9. Amazing Images By a Ball Point Pen

    For the first blog post of the year 2015, we present an art series created by a simple ball point pen. Typically pens are an object that many people do not think about much. A ball point pen though can be more than just a device to jot reminders or to use for signatures. In the right hands they can be used to created wicked pieces of artwork. Japanese artist Shoehei Otomo, is one such person who uses simple ball pens. Any simple ball pen, (promotional plastic pens or otherwise) to create amazing art pieces.


    • Shohei Otomo, son of the creator of Akira, is an artist who specializes in creating stunning visuals using a simple ballpoint pen.
    • His artwork combines traditional Japanese art with modern urban influences.
    • Otomo's ability to convey depth, texture, and realism using only a pen is awe-inspiring,
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