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  1. Scholl Making a Boring Product Interesting

    Scholl is a brand that most people associate with insoles. Not terribly exciting, actually it is downright boring. Although I am sure their product is exceptional (I use them myself) most people will simply purchase their products and not think much about it.

    • Scholl cleverly connecting the idea of a racing car pit stop to their foot care products, providing shoppers a fun and relaxing "pit stop" experience.
    • The booth offered pedicure services and had staff dressed in promotional tees and race car driver jumpsuits, enhancing the overall theme.
    • They gave away foot-themed merchandise such as branded thongs and foot cream, increasing brand exposure.

    So how to make a brand and a product a little bit more exciting? What can be done to make people queue up at a Scholl pop up booth to find out more about the company? Well some clever marketing folks came up with the following:

    • Set
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  2. The Giant Rubber Duck is Back

    The Ducky that graced our shores in Sydney around a year ago will return back to our beautiful harbour. For those who don't know the giant ducky is a big giant duck that measures 1219cm tall.

    Does it do anything? No
    Does it talk? No
    Does it solve any problems society faces? No
    Is it universally loved? YES!

    We love the ducky and we will be the first to line up to wave hello when it retuns to Sydney mid January next year. However what has the duck been up to for the past year? Well the ducky has been doing a world tour and making friends all over the world. Here are some pictures of what it has been up to:

    The Ducky visited us in Sydney first, because the Duck likes Aussies the best,

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  3. Personalised glasswares for the party season

    Spring is the catalyst for many things in Australia, in my mind though it is the springboard for the Party season. There are simply so many events that happen the moment Australia hits Spring. Just some of the events around the corner include, Horse Racing, End Of Year Parties, food festivals and countless other functions which only happen at this time of year.

    It is precisely for this reason that this year we are releasing a brand new range of brandable engraved glassware that can be personalised with your branding. These drink products are perfect as gifts as we can deliver them in presentation boxes as well as to be had in the event itself. There are however several things to keep in mind when you are using branded glassware for your organisations functions.

    Latest Glassware Trends

    Yes, there is such a thing as glassware fashion. Some of the trends we have been seeing lately are:


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  4. Traded Player Merchandise's Fate

    Have you ever wondered where all those sporting merchandise products from shirts, custom branded caps, posters and literally dozens of other types of merchandise goes when a player switches teams goes? Or perhaps have you wondered how after a grand final series the players (and even fans) can get access to grand final victory merchandise seemingly within minutes after the final whistle? Well in the case of grand finals you would have probably already guessed that the merchandise has all been pre-printed. However, how did people know who will win? Has there been a major case of match fixing? Probably not, however more than likely the victory merchandise has been printed for both the teams before hand.


    1. Donating excess merchandise helps communities.
    2. Pre-printing victory merchandise
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  5. Yummy Recipes for Fruit Fusion Bottles

    Imagine a refreshing, guilt-free drink that combines the best of both worlds: the hydration of bottled water and the delightful flavours of fruit. That's exactly what Glaceau Vitamin Water and similar beverages have offered in Australia, capturing the hearts of many. But why settle for store-bought options when you can use your creativity to make your own customised concoctions? Embark on a journey with us as we unveil our brandable Fruit Fusion Bottles and guide you through the art of crafting tantalising fruit fusion water recipes. Get ready to be inspired, as we share some simple tips, exciting recipes, and fruit combinations to awaken your taste buds. So, grab any old bottle or jug, and let's dive into the world of delicious fruit fusion drinks!


    1. Customise drinks with fruit & flavour.
    2. Tips: Add mint, honey, & ice.
    3. Endless combos – get creative!


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  6. Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas 2013

    Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!!! Oh what fun, it is to choose, our own Corproate Christmas Gifts ! Yah! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

    Hope that little Christmas cheer has caught you in the festive mood. With Christmas just around the corner (or 2.5mths time) if you are seeking end of year Christmas Gifts for clients or your wonderful staffs, it is the right time to plan and order with us.

    Christmas Confectionery - Sugary Sweetness!

    Whilst we can't supply you with a turkey, Christmas is just not Christmas without something sweet like delicious candy and chocolate! Here is a sneak peak at the range of Sweet Goodies that can be branded with your logo and consumed!

    rock candy, candy canes, christmas candy trees
    bon bons filled

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  7. Reliable Promotional USB Flashdrives by Porsche

    Porsche makes fast cars that are beautifully engineered. LaCie is a produce of flash drive memory that are reliable, robustly assembled and extremely styish as they have been known to recruit some of the best designers around. The dream team of Porsche designs and LaCie have combined their skills and have created a USB flashdrive memory. If you demand the very best then this is the product for you.
    We at Cubic Promote are proud to have the Porsche and LaCie amongst our range of flashdrives that can be personalised with your branding. These flashdrives feature:

    - 16gb or 32gb capacity
    - USB 3.0 speed (compatible with 2.0 speeds too)
    - Internal password software with a 256 bit encyrption (this is a very high security setting)
    - Wuala cloud backup storage (so if you lose your flashdrive your data can still be accessed online)

    These flashdrives are the very best available at any price point at the moment. They do cost more than regular flashdrives but what

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  8. Marketing Event of the Month Sydney Grower Markets

    Here is an event that was held in Sydney this long weekend that had all the key ingredients of making an event great! The event was the Sydney Growers Market held in Pyrmont just outside Sydney's Star Casino. The day itself was sponsored by local paper Sydney Morning Herald and it kicked starts what would be a month long event of festivities around the city based on food.

    Pyrmont Sydney Growers Market

    They market itself was huge, every produce and condiment on offer by some of Australia's best was on display for taste testing and for sale of course.

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  9. Cool Product of the Day Pencils You Can Grow

    What is it?

    This is a pencil with seeds on the back. So if you ever find that your pencil is too short after you have sharpened it, you simply turn it around and stick the end of it into a pot full of soil. After wards you simply water it and keep it in a sunlit area of course and you get to plant yourself a wonderful pot plant.

    Why We Love it?

    Well pencils are back in favour in a big way. It is probably a retro thing, but pencils are the cool item of the moment. The second reason we love this product is that it is not only environmentally friendly because the amount of waste is reduced by re-using the back of a pencil but it also teaches you to be be environmentally aware at the same time too. Thirdly this will really teach kids about how fun nature can be but simply encouraging the act of growing. Fourth and lastly you can grow actual herbs! So draw and scribble away, afterwards you get to cook yourself up a really tasty spaghetti bolognaise! This really is a delightful

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  10. Promotional Watches By Hublot

    Hublot is a high end brand of watches. Think along the lines of Rolex and that is roughly where the Hublot brand stands. The thing about the Hublot brand is that 10 years ago it would have struggled for main stream success. It simply was not a brand that people knew about or thought about when you think high end watches. With the help of the likes of Jay Z and Lebron James though Hublot has begun making it's name famous amongst high end watches in a short space of time.

    Jay Z and Hublot

    Mr. Beyonce himself is a fan of Hublot (or for the cynics a paid fan) of Hublot. His latest hit single "Picasso Baby," references the watch after all in glowing references. He was even invited to the manufacturer at the request of the Hublot CEO. So it is with no surprise that he has announced a collaboration with the watch maker. The result? Check it out here:

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