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  1. Sponsorship Tips for Promotional Items

    Do you have an upcoming event but are a little short of funds to add anything that is fun? Well sponsorship and having an additional logo on your promotional product may be a good idea. The trick here though is to choose a promotional item which have a larger than normal branding area to ensure that there is enough branding space for the both you and the sponsor. If you are looking for a sponsor it is generally a good idea to have the sponsor in a similar field to either what you do or the event that you will be using the promotional items for.

    However first things first. How do you attract sponsors in the first place? Well here are some tips.

    1) Be persistent. Assuming 1 out of every 35 companies will reject you it makes sense to contact as many companies as possible. So statistically speaking if you contact 70 companies there is a chance that 2 of them may be interested.

    2) Be patient and plan early. The wheels within a large organisation can move slowly so please

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  2. Marketing Campaign: Humble Stressballs

    Okay first things first. Stress balls are rarely used in times of stress as I have rarely seen someone so agitated that they grind their teeth whilst squeezing and punishing a stressball. If someone was in such a severe emotional state I would probably recomend them therapy as I doubt that a custom stressball will do anything for that person mentally. However what personalised stressballs are great for is having fun. Throwing them around the office is fun! Throwing them at people is fun! Having them come in some funky shapes or some really weird colour is fun! Kids love them.... adults love them.... hec even cats and dogs love them. Promotional stressballs are simply fun!


    • Stress balls are versatile and fun, making them suitable for a diverse range of marketing campaigns.
    • They are affordable and easily customizable, allowing businesses to create
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  3. Different Promotional Caps for Different Uses

    Promotional caps come in all types of different styles colours and fabrics. We have a huge range that allows you to pick and choose from a variety of colours as well as patterns. However not all embroidered caps are the same. There are different caps which will suit certain occasions better than others either aesthetically, budget wise or material finish. A few of the different types of brandable caps include:

    1) Mesh Baseball Cap - These feature a plastic feel mesh back. Also known as a trucker cap this mesh allows for unbeatable breathing so its better suited for summer time or for tradeshows where there may be crowds which make the event location warm.

    2) Unstructured Cap - All the features of a normal embroidable cap except that the cap is not starched. This means that all the panels on the cap with the exception of the peak does not have that stiff

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  4. Super Marketing Plans for the New Financal Year

    Its July and another financial year has passed us. Assuming that your poor accounting team is close to finalising end of year reports and are close to coming up with new year budgets after some hard debated meetings here are some Super marketing tips which may help you really shoot for the stars!

    Tip #1: Take stock of customer feedback. Good or bad! Its really easy to get depressed at analysing bad feedback and ignoring them altogether. It is also very easy to get all giddy with good feedback and drop the ball at coming up with new ideas and initiatives. So its the beginning of a new financial year. Now is the best time of all to really hear what your customers are saying and learning as much as possible.

    Tip #2: If you have trouble with tip 1 then that is probably the first thing you may want to look at. You would want to set a process in place to allow you to hear what your customers are saying about you. Use anything that you can obtain feedback from questionaires, social

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  5. The Promotional Post It - Who invented it?

    Custom printed post it notes are one of our biggest selling promotional products but who invented it? Well it was actually invented by staff working for the 3M company. A Dr. Spencer Silver who was a chemist came up with the idea for the low adhesive sticky base which we now are familiar with where you can apply pressure to stick the paper onto surfaces yet not leave any marks when removed. However it was his colleague by the name of Art Fry who came up with the concept of teaming this substance to the back of a paper to be originally used as a bookmark. The first sticky note product was released in 1977 but sales were dreadful. A year later 3m decided to give away free samples. This did the trick and in the coming years this item slowly became an iconic stationary product. The famous canary yellow colour incidentally was purely by accident. When Dr Silver and Art Fry were working on this product they literally found a scrap piece of yellow

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  6. Top Things Not to Wear to Work

    What you look like at work can effect your entire work day, your entire week and even your entire career. Unfortunately like it or not we are judged every single day by our appearance. Even the taxi cabby I spoke to today expressed how he would only pick up certain clients who looked a certain way on Friday & Saturday nights. So it make sense to make sure our work wardrobe is up to scratch right?

    According to a study by the Aziz Corporation their findings backed up what I had suspected about appearances. Apparently 25% of job interviewers are more often than not employing women who wore make up than those who did not. However work places do send something of a mixed signal. What exactly is "business casual," for both men or women? I used to work in a place where the definition of "business casual," meant it was Golf day everyday with Polo shirts and Chinos. This lead to a really strange work place environment visually day in day out.

    Here are some tips which I came across

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