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  1. Screen Print Garments Using a Manhole

    A logo artwork can come from any number of inspirational sources. And any number of logo artworks can be made into promotional giveaways. But what about the streets? And no, I don't mean the "streets" in the way hip hop artists and rappers use it, but the actual streets that you walk on. The Berlin based art collective Raubdruckerin - which means Pirate Printer but sadly has nothing to do with eyepatches or hook hands - have taken urban design quite literally. A bit of paint, a manhole cover, some t shirts and calico bags, and bam! You've got a gritty urban artwork design that's very striking and very stylish.


    • Raubdruckerin (Pirate Printers) creates eye-catching designs using unorthodox sources like manhole covers and storm drain grates.
    • Screen printing is an effective and popular method for transferring these urban-inspired designs onto apparel and
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  2. Top 3 Wedding Invitations Using Promo Items

    Let's face it, most of us are only going to get the chance to send out wedding invitations once in our lives (fingers crossed). So that means there can be a lot of pressure to come up with a unique way of asking friends and family to save the date - especially when you're working within a budget! Here are some awesome invitation ideas that won't break the bank because they use lovely and affordable promotional goods.

    1) Customised Wedding Balloons


    Custom printed balloons make fantastic additions to invitation cards or gift baskets. Have your wedding

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  3. If Pantone did Milkshakes...

    Here at Cubic Promote, we just love all things creative, interesting, different and of course PANTONE. Itrefers to a specific shade within the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a standardized color space used in various industries such as graphic design, printing, fashion, and product manufacturing. The PMS allows for accurate color identification, matching, and communication across different mediums and materials, ensuring color consistency.


    • Pantone colors provide color consistency, effective communication, a wide color range, etc.
    • The "Milktone" series is a collection of milkshake recipes inspired by Pantone colors.
    • These Pantone-inspired milkshakes demonstrate how the Pantone Matching System can be utilized in unique ways.

    Each Pantone color is represented by a unique number and sometimes a name, making it easy to reference and reproduce accurately. For example, Pantone

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  4. 5 More Typos that Cost Millions

    As a follow up to our last article in 2015 titled "5 Typos That Cost Millions", we thought we'd give you 5 more...Click here for tips & ideas on your promo products.

    We've all experienced embarrassment as a result of a typo, particularly when arguing with someone and they choose to rebut your point by pointing out your grammatical errors - UBER FRUSTRATING. But what if a small typo, that you made, resulted in the loss of MILLIONS of dollars, let's take a look at 5 more extremely unfortunate typos.


    1. The Half-A-Million Dollar Typo

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  5. Tech Tattoos: A thing of the Future?

    It's time for all the tech giants to stop wasting their time and money on developing fitness watches - they are so passé. Any keen fitness fanatic will know that each and every fitness watch or wearable is slightly bulky and just a little bit annoying when exercising... Enter Tech Tattoos - it's only in the planning stages so make sure you check out our range of personalized temporary tattoos while you wait.

    Developed by a US based start-up called Chaotic Moon, the temporary tattoo aims to mimic the popular functions of a wearable tracker such as the Fitbit. However, unlike the wearables we've come to know and love (kind of), these ''Tech Tats'' are minimally invasive to your daily routine, workout or whatever else you do with it.

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  6. Wimbledon 2016: Premium Promo Products

    Arguably the worlds most famous tennis tournament, Wimbledon draws in millions of spectators worldwide and attracts a long list of A-List celebrities and Royals. It's brand is synonymous with heritage, prestige, tradition as well as some rather clever (and upmarket) promotional products. Check out our range of outdoor and sporting goods here.

    Every year as the worlds best tennis players descend on the South-West London district of Wimbledon, so do the infamous products that come with it. What's interesting is that they aren't  produced by the tennis club, instead the club selects brands to represent the's a look at some of our favorite and most successful merch from the tournament.


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  7. Promo Powerbanks to Power Pokemon Go

    Since it's release about a week ago 'Pokemon Go' has literally gone viral. Only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand, the popular 90s game has FINALLY arrived on your smartphone and given its worldwide cult following its not a surprise things have taken off so quickly. Trouble is, with so much data and battery usage you'll need your own powerbank to keep playing all day!

    If you're late to the party, Pokemon Go is the newest app from Nintendo and Niantic Lab (Owned by Google's parent company Alphabet). It's the first Pokemon offering since game boy and has struck a nerve for us millennials with Android forecasting that it's Daily Active Users will soon surpass Twitter!

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  8. Adult Colouring & The Global Pencil Shortage

    Over the last few years adult colouring has become somewhat of a craze. The relaxing, therapeutic benefits of the activity have inspired hundreds and hundreds of complex coloring books across the globe and the popularity itself has caused a pencil shortage. At Cubic Promote however, we still have heaps available and you can brand them with your logo here.

    You'd think that the new trend, which has seen pencil sales spike in 2015 by 26% compared to a normal YOY growth of no more than 7.2%, would be fantastic news for the pencil industry. However the stationary companies like Faber-Castell and Stabilo are struggling to keep up with demand. A rep from Faber-Castell told the Independant:

    "Currently, we are running more

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