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  1. Promotional Product Specials March 2022

    Promotional Product Specials March 2022

    After some bargains at the start of Autumn? You're in luck, Cubic Promote has a couple of great discounts on some of our best-selling promotional gifts between now and March 14th 2022. Check them out below.


    1. Get discounts on promotional gifts.
    2. Offer giveaways, discounts, and sponsorships.
    3. Utilise timely, event-specific merchandise.


    Autumn Promotional Gift Ideas

    Personalised Acacia Wine Holders

    If you have staff members returning to the office or loyal consumers that you're keen to reward, you'll love our Personalised Acacia Wine Holders. Each wine holder is manufactured from quality acacia wood and features grooves cut out to hold two wine glass

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  2. Reward Employees with Gifts in 2022

    Reward Employees with Gifts in 2022

    It feels good to be recognised and rewarded for your hard work, no matter your industry or background. Make your staff feel good as they return to the office with custom branded gifts tailored to the needs of employees in 2022. Here at Cubic Promote we have a great range of high-quality corporate gifts that will suit high-achievers from around Australia.

    Corporate Gifts for Australian Staff

    Promotional staff incentive gifts are all about making your recipients feel that their work is recognised, so it's important not to opt for the cheapest possible goodies in this circumstance. Quality

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  3. Top New Custom Gift Ideas

    Struggling to figure out what promotional products to use in your next marketing campaign or corporate gifting program? Don't worry, Cubic Promote has some great new goodies that might well be what you're after. Learn more about these unique gift ideas below.


    1. New custom gift ideas for marketing.
    2. Trendy promos make an impact.
    3. Innovative uses of promo products.


    New Corporate Gift Ideas 

    Custom Metal Coffee Cups With Handles

    Some of our most popular promotional cups over the past couple of years have been our Branded

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  4. Limited Edition Tim Tam Promotional Swag

    Did you know that February 16th 2022 was National Tim Tam Day? The popular chocolate biscuit from Arnott's has long had a life of its own in the world of marketing (remember the never-ending packet of Tim Tams genie ad?) but this year saw Tim Tams get their own limited edition swag for the refined bikkie consumer.

    Stylish Custom Merchandise

    Tim Tams are often marketed as a luxury treat that can be enjoyed at home or work, so it fits that the branded merchandise being sold this year to mark National Tim Tam Day is designed to be stylish and a tad indulgent. The limited edition goodies, available to buy online between February 16th-23rd 2022 only, each come decorated with the iconic Tim Tam logo and 10% of proceeds from all items purchased go

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  5. Why Choose Custom Bamboo Gifts?

    There has been a marked increase in the availability of promotional eco-friendly gifts made from bamboo materials in recent years. Why is bamboo so popular with Australian consumers? Well, there are a few reasons and today we're going to cover a few of them on the Cubic Promote blog.

    Bamboo as a Popular Product Material

    Bamboo is a type of fast-growing, evergreen grass plant that has been cultivated across Asia for thousands of years. Because bamboo can be used on degraded lands it makes effective use of farming areas around the globe that might otherwise useless for standard crops. Bamboo plants also absorb between 100-400 tonnes of carbon

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  6. Cheeky New McDonald's Branded T-Shirts

    We weren't going to close the week on another fast food product, but this week saw McDonald's in the US launch a new advertising campaign based on the fairly universal experience of not knowing exactly what to order when visiting a restaurant. Along with some social media posts and a short ad, the internationally recognised franchise also released custom printed tees in their US online store. Learn more about this fun little promotion below!

    Simple, Funny Promotional Tees

    While the "can I get uhhhhh" meme has been around for as long as people have been dining out, the classic scenario still plays out in fast food restaurants all over the world each day.

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  7. Classic Logo Branded Krispy Kreme Merchandise

    We've discussed the featured merchandise over on the US Krispy Kreme webstore on Cubic before, but today we thought we'd check out what makes their range of "Classic" promotional swag so, well, classic. It turns out that not only can the donut cafe chain sell inspired limited edition products, their traditional gear is also highly inspirational.

    Customised Products from a Popular Cafe Chain

    Krispy Kreme has a wide

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  8. Mid-Month Customised Gift Specials

    Struggling to come up with a corporate gift idea for your staff or customers? Never fear, the team at Cubic Promote have some mid-February discounts available on best-selling promotional items. With our mid-month special, you can get customised gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression.

    Why Choose Cubic Promote's Mid-Month Specials

    Cubic Promote's Mid-Month Specials are the perfect solution for those in need of high-quality promotional products at an affordable price point. With a wide range of products available, including apparel, drinkware, and tech accessories, it's easy to find the right item for any marketing campaign. Plus, with Cubic Promote's reputation for excellent customer service and speedy delivery, you can be confident that your promo products will arrive on

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  9. Fun Promotional Super Bowl Swag

    The NFL football season in the US culminates each yeah in a play-off known as the Superbowl. Not only is "Superbowl Sunday" (the 2nd Sunday in February, traditionally) special for sports fans, it's a very important time of year for advertisers; with the nation captivated by their TV screens, it really is a golden time for ad slots.


    However, these days advertising using a TV commercial isn't the only thing viewers look for, the advertising campaigns are now incredibly immersive and often involve other mediums and whole merchandise ranges that tie into the theme of the brand campaign. Today we're looking at one such campaign from this year's Superbowl that combines all the hot factors fans are after in order to create something unique.

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  10. Why Choose Custom Shopping Bags?

    Non woven bag in use orange

    Shopping bags are the type of item most of us have in our kitchens, cars, and store rooms. The shopping bags we tend to take with us when we go and buy our groceries are the ones that we like the look of, the ones that boast unique designs and messages we want to show to others. That's why businesses and events choose to use promotional shopping bags to boost their visibility with visitors, customers, and staff alike.


    1. Boost visibility with custom shopping bags.
    2. Eco-friendly bags enhance brand image.
    3. Contact Cubic Promote for custom bags.


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