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  1. New Range of Customised Biodegradable Shopping Bags

    With the rising threat of climate change, and the effects humans are having on the environment, we are looking simple changes that can be made to make our world a better place for ourselves, and generations to come. One simple change that can that you can make is to move away from traditional single-use plastic shopping bags and towards biodegradable, reusable bags.

    Why Use Biodegradable Bags for Events or Gifts?

    Approximately 2 million plastic bags are used worldwide, every minute. It’s hard to picture how many bags that is, but added up, that would weigh approximately the same as eight cars. However, what is the worst part of it is that single-use plastic bags are used on average for only twelve minutes. Is it really worth it?

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  2. Get Promotional Trail Mixes for Aug 31st

    The world indeed is a bizarre place, who on earth decided that celebrating the trail mix is a thing to do? Also, why is it designated for the August 31st 2018, as a day dedicated,d to honouring the Trail Mix? To me that is bizarre. Well, the international day of the Trail mix is coming in 2 days time.

    What is a Trail Mix

    For those who are not in the know, you may ask what a Trail Mix is? A trail is a snack (usually healthy) that is a combination of dried nuts and fruits. I personally have seen mixes that come with unhealthy items like white chocolate and milk chocolate too. Some of the fruits commonly used include, sultanas, cranberries, apricots and others. While some of the more popular nuts used in these combinations include peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios. Also really popular are mixes that include

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  3. National Beach Day Gifting Items

    As Aussies, we love a day out at the beach. It should come as no surprise then that with National Beach Day around the corner (August 30th -- a weird day for us, but it was coined by Americans) there is a large assortment of promotional merchandise ideal for boosting your brand visibility while your recipients are at the beach. Not sure where to start? Don't worry; we've put together a list of essentials perfect for your next marketing campaign -- and Beach Day!


    • Promotional merchandise can effectively enhance brand visibility during beach-related activities and National Beach Day.
    • Customized beach gear provides practical and fun accessories that cater to different beachgoers' preferences and activities.
    • Professional sales teams can provide recommendations and samples to help you find the perfect promotional products.

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  4. 5 Promotional Gifts for Red Wine Fans

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for tomorrow is National Red Wine Day! If like me you have left your best cheese plate and chocolates for Red Wine Santa, you- like me- will have realised that Red Wine Santa is something you made up and you should be at work.

    Selecting Personalised Wine Gifts

    Having promotional gifts for the red wine fans amongst us is a sure-fire way of making your business remain fondly thought of, and your promotional gifts used regularly. The following list is to help you to celebrate National Red Wine Day, and advertise your business at the same time.

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  5. Wikipedia's New Viral Fundraising Tactic

    Promotional clothing, is used by virtually any given organisation. So the fact that now Wikipedia has got into the act too, does not surprise me. If like me, you owe Wikipedia for the majority of your university degree, then this might be the clothing option for you. Wikipedia has collaborated with Advisory Board Crystals, a large LA-based Street-wear brand to launch a new clothing line.



    1. Use branded apparel to engage supporters.
    2. Branded apparel creates visibility and connection.
    3. Promotional clothing fundraises opportunities.


    Ironic Clothing Taglines, Anyone?

    Wikipedia made this

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  6. Fruit Loops Custom Apparel

    Fruitloops is one of those cereals that kids either love or hate. Me personally? I think they are pretty alright! Most Aussie kids I know love'em. So it is no surprise (long overdue in fact), that there is now merchandise associated with this delicious cereal product. The branded merchandise in question is custom themed apparel that matches up perfectly to their brand of crunchy yummy cereal.

    Merchandise with a Cause

    The merchandise that has been released with Fruitloops, at the moment is not available in Australia (i am sure that has to change right?). The money raised from this set of custom merchandise goes to designers and community members that helped produce and market the items. So they are products with a good cause!

    What Merch is on Offer?

    To begin with, there are ten different types of products,

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  7. Evolution of the Apple Logo

    Everyone around the globe would have seen the iconic Apple logo. What you may not have known, is that this logo has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. The logo you currently know as an apple with a bite did not start out like this. Here is a short history on the evolution, of what is possibly the worlds most recognized and custom branded logo of all time!


    The Traditional Logo

    Until Steve Jobs asked for a logo change, the Apple logo was actually very classic and incredibly detailed. Take a look at the logo below. It features an image of the inventor Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree. Also featured was a memorable quote "Newton a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought," Pretty strange right? Especially for a business that sells iPhones and Ipads.

    When Did the Simplified Logo

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  8. The KFC Aussie Branded Merchandise

    I love KFC. It is one of my favourite fast food places. Their original recipe is absolutely delicious. Well after years of seeing KFC restaurants around the world, offer original excellent merchandise, it is finally Australia's turn. They are calling this "the world's most Aussie KFC merch." The "merch" features a range of clothing that represent Australia perfectly. Check them out below:


    • The range of merchandise represents Australia effectively and includes unique items like "budgie smugglers" and customized hats.
    • All the funds raised from this merchandise will go to the KFC Youth Foundation, which supports youth-related programs.
    • Using promotional merchandise for charitable causes not only promotes the cause but also enhances brand image.

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  9. Fun & Unique Promotional Packaging

    We buy all manner of packaging each day; whether we're talking about the wrappers on our sandwiches through to the boxes our gifts come in, there's a type of packaging to suit every consumable product imaginable. Because most packaging offers branding and production details, we don't tend to look beyond the surface, but some companies have turned their packaging into a totally unique branding experience. Check out some of our favourite examples below.


    1. Packaging as a unique branding tool.
    2. Hidden messages and interactive experiences.
    3. Personalisation for memorable connections.


    Logo Branded Products With Hidden Messages

    Whether you're ordering

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  10. Who Invented Ponchos?

    A poncho is sometimes referred to as a raincoat. Everyone uses raincoats, and nowadays there are both reusable and disposable ponchos and raincoats. Where did raincoats come from though? Who invented raincoats and ponchos? I have the answer here; please read on!


    • Ponchos, originating from South America, have transformed into a modern raincoat alternative that offers versatility, style, and practicality.
    • Modern ponchos provide numerous benefits, including easy use, comfort, portability, and environmentally friendly options.
    • Promotional ponchos are popular in various settings, such as homes, offices, and outdoor sporting arenas.

    History of Raincoats

    The origin of using an article of clothing to keep you dry when the rain begins to fall is in China. In ancient China, the first raincoats were made from rather primitive materials, including straw and bamboo. These types

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