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  1. Famous Aussie Logo Gets Updated

    When one thinks of an iconic Australian brand one mind is instantly drawn to Qantas, an international airline that has set the standard for decades in regards to global travel, safety and comfort. Qantas began its story with the adventurous endeavor of two WW1 veterans determined to make Australia that little bit smaller and to this day, 97 years later, Qantas are still working hard to keep Australians connected to each other as well as the rest of the world. To match this entrepreneurial spirit and subsequently adored brand, Qantas have decided to hone their image with the literal reinterpretation of their unique, signifying Qantas Logo.

     Perfecting The Flying Kangaroo

    Qantas have recently updated the iconic insignia of the flying Kangaroo in preparation for the coming introduction

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  2. Marketing Item Stunt with Craft Chips

    It's a hot day, no clouds in the sky. You are sitting in the garden of your favourite pub about to tuck into a fine, high-quality craft beer...and then you realise - where are the equally high-quality chips to accompany this beer? Look no further than this blog and our endless selection of promotional customizable delicious goodies! 


    Yep, that's right. A craft-brewery in Sweden has come up with chips which supposedly compliments and rivals the quality of the beer.


    These are the kings of chips - they'll set you back

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  3. Origins of Promotional Popcorn

    I think we can all agree that a trip to the cinema, a night in at home, or visiting a fair or expo becomes even more enjoyable once popcorn is added to the mix. There's something absolutely irresistible about these tasty treats, which is why customised promotional popcorn is such a popular product in our range. But have you ever wondered where popcorn comes from? The history of this humble treat is actually more interesting than you might think!

    Popcorn Treats are Old School

    Although we like to think of popcorn as a modern day snack, the native population of Mexico is known to have chowed down on the treats as far back as the year 3600BC! Obviously they couldn't watch a flick at the same time, but the taste itself is timeless.

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  4. Most Expensive Brands & Logos 2016

    The results are in, and Interbrand's influential Best Global Brand report for 2016 have unveiled the biggest, strongest, and most expensive brands in the world today. Rather unsurprisingly, it was Apple, Google, and Coca Cola that took the podium. That seems rather appropriate considering that Apple have a legion of loyal consumers and make some of the most marketable and most sought after consumer electronics in the world, that Google have become an indispensable part of modern technology and internet usage, and that Coca Cola produces some of the world's most famous and popular beverages.

    The Top Companies of 2016

    Ranking for the report, of which it's in its 17th year, is based on three components that determine the brand's value: the company's financial performance, it's popularity

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  5. 6 Reasons You NEED to start using Promo Products

    We are obviously slightly bias when we say that your business NEEDS promotional products! But what really are the benefits? Check out our big range of cool personalised products and read on for 10 reasons you should start investing: (note these stats are American Stats, but they will be very similar to us Aussies)




    That's right, survey's suggest that eight out of ten people own at least once and as much as ten promotional products.


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