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  1. 5 Promotional Items For Halloween


    It is that time of year when the ghosts and ghouls come out and dress up like Heisenberg and Khaleesi because their topical references are outdated, as we celebrate the best holiday of the year, Halloween. If you are looking to celebrate this year, look no further than Cubic Promote for your promotional goodies. The list below comprises the best items to brand and join the ranks of costumed debauchery on this All Hallow's Eve.


    1. Chocolates and Lollies


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  2. Promotional Golf Balls: Cheap vs Pricey

    There are cheap golf balls, and there are pricey ones. What is the difference between them? Surely they are all the same right? Well, it is true that golf balls function all in the same way. If you are serious about golfing though, you would want something that is at a higher price. I'll cover why in this blog post today.


    1. Balance performance and affordability.
    2. Consider spin, control, and durability when selecting.
    3. Match the golf ball to your skill level and budget.


    Cheap vs Expensive Golf Balls

    Let's start by looking at golfing equipment in general. Essentially golf requires only two pieces of equipment. A set of clubs, which you will interchange

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  3. Custom Notebooks for Checklist Day

    Do you know what the 30th of October is? Yes, I realise it is a Tuesday, but not just any Tuesday. It is officially Checklist day! Do you have a to-do list? Then today is the day to write it down, or better still start running those errands and completing those tasks to check it off!


    1. Craft a powerful checklist for productivity.
    2. Personalise your checklist with branded notebooks.
    3. Stay organised on the go with portable notebooks.


    What To Do on Checklist Day?

    On Checklist day you need to write things down that you need to be completed.

    • Any outstanding work tasks - check!
    • Groceries?
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  4. Fun Things to do with a Promotional Frisbee

    Frisbees have always been amongst the best selling type of promotional merchandise that we stock. Frisbees have been favourites in warmer and colder weathers. Now, we all know how to play a frisbee of course, (just throw it), but there are many more things you can do with a frisbee. Here is a list of top fun games that you can use with your promotional frisbee for next time when you are in a park or at a beach.

    The Basics Back Hand or Forehand

    How do you throw a frisbee? More people will have a backhand motion (visualise a tennis racket, and a racket being swung backhand). It is perfectly fine to throw a frisbee with a forehand motion too.

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  5. The Best Promotional Wine Items

    The festive Christmas season for 2018 is not far away now. That means its gifting time and many merry glasses of wine. To enjoy wine, you can drink it from a coffee cup, or properly drink your wine using these range of items that will properly enhance your wine sipping experience. Check it out below, the top reasons why you need to purchase promotional wine items.


    • Presentation, proper glassware, wine aerators, and bottle openers contribute to an improved wine-drinking experience.
    • Choosing the right wine items involves considering the purpose, budget, taste preferences, and special occasions.
    • Consult experts and experiment with different wines and accessories to expand your knowledge and make better choices in the future.

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  6. Why Purchase Promotional Golf Towels?

    A question that will come to the minds of non-golfers is this. "What is a golf towel used for," and inevitably, will lead to another question which is, "why do you need a golf towel." I have an answer to both those questions here. After you read this, you may even need to consider purchasing double the amount of promotional golf towels for your next golfing event!


    1. Golf towels enhance cleanliness and performance.
    2. Promotional golf towels boost brand-awareness.
    3. Combine functionality and marketing with these items.


    What is a Golf Towel Used For?

    For the same reasons,

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  7. KFC Custom Merchandise for True Fans

    I have bad news and good news for lovers of Fried Chicken. You can now show your love for all things fried golden and crispy through KFC. The bad news? Sadly this is only available if you live in Canada. Someone, please tell me why we cannot get cool custom merchandise of your favourite fried chicken items in Australia?

    No Longer a Novelty

    Custom branded merchandise is no longer a mere novelty. In fact, promotional items are neither merely to promote awareness or marketing anymore. In many businesses, there are genuine fans who want to be part of your brand. The easiest way to do this for them is through merchandise.

    KFC Canada

    In Canada, KFC has launched a cheeky and stylish range of merch! All the merchandise, feature colours and motifs which are associated with KFC. The silhouette of Colonel Sanders, the Red White colours as well as glorious images of golden brown crusts.

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  8. Promotional Items for National Day On Writing

    October is one of the best times of the year, it Halloween, NaNoWriMo (National  Novel Writing Month), and National Day On Writing! This is the perfect opportunity to break out those pens and books and get crackin'! If you want to encourage your team to start writing, have a look at our range of promotional pens and stationery, and get your Shakespeare on.


    1. Lyon Custom Branded Pen

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  9. 4 Famous Brands With Weird Original Names

    These days brands like Google, Nike, and Pepsi are known the world over as leading companies that produce worthwhile products. But have you ever wondered how much of their success is "in the name" so-to-speak? It turns out that a lot of incredibly famous businesses didn't start out with their now famous names, instead they had to transition from a far daggier name before they achieved success. Learn more about the fascinating history of famous companies and their logos and names below.

    4) Firefox used to be Firebird

    We've all seen the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, in fact many of you might be using it to browse the Cubic Promote website right now! But did you know that it didn't start life being called Firefox, instead it

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  10. Top Mail-Out Promotional Picks

    Mailing out promotional items is the easiest way to distribute gifts to your clients or potential clients. Be wary though. Freight in Australia is extremely expensive. It is very easy to select low-cost promotional products, but end up with a delivery bill that is more expensive than the product themselves. With this in mind, here are our top seven promotional items for mail outs.


    1. Mail-outs are cost-effective marketing strategies.
    2. Choose items that align with your purpose.
    3. Personalise your mail-out and follow up.


    What is a Mail-Out?

    A mail-out is a marketing strategy where promotional items are sent to clients or potential clients through the

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