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  1. Tips to Make Logos Pop on Promotional Products

    Logo branding onto things is what we are good at, and we create some fantastic products every day for our clients. Amazing promotional products all starts with an incredible logo. No custom branded product will look nice if your logo is not up to the task of representing your organisation well. With this in mind, here are some top tips that you may master to create that terrific logo that will stand the test of time and appeal to people the way you would like it to.

    What Colours To Choose for Your Logo?

    Believe it or not, there is no rule of thumb for colours in your logo that will automatically make your logo more appealing. In fact, there is probably a successful business with a memorable logo out there already in every shade of colour.

    What you

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  2. Proofread Before Custom Branding

    In a big case of whoops! A major airline company has mislabeled one of their planes. Its rather amusing, and I can only imagine how bad the poor person who made the error must feel. I mean they just had one job to do right?


    • The Cathay Pacific misprint highlights
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  3. Sydney's New Eco-Friendly Straw Campaign

    Single-use plastic drinking straws are going the way of the dinosaur, as Deputy Lord Mayor and Deputy Chair of the Environmental Committee Jess Miller says “Every piece of plastic that was ever created, still exists. When it comes to straws, Australians use around 3.6 billion of these little turtle-choking-seal-killers each year,” and I for one have but this to say; good riddance.

    1. Reduce waste, save the planet.
    2. Choose sustainable products for branding.
    3. Small steps lead to change.


    Sydney Sucks, And It Really Shouldn't

    Miller has teamed up with Paper Moose to create a new advertising campaign #SydneyDoesntSuck. This campaign is aimed

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  4. Personalised White Chocolate Heaven!

    Everybody mark your calendars because September 22nd is National White Chocolate Day! The oh-so-sweet and creamy joy that is white chocolate is definitely something to celebrate as it is a relatively new invention and it is incredibly versatile in what can be done with it. So have a look through our incredible range of promotional chocolates, and let me tell you a tale of the wonderful substance.

    As I’m sure you all know, chocolate came about around 4000 years ago from Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations and was seen as a drink of the gods. But what a lot of people don’t know is that this drink was incredibly bitter, and was not the sumptuous sweet delight as we know it. It was not until the 1879 invention

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  5. Who Invented M&M Chocolate Candy?

    M&M chocolate candies are amongst the most popular type of confectionery that we sell to corporates, events and expos. We all know and love M&M's but do you know who invented them? Read on and find out.


    • M&Ms were invented by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, with the name derived from their surnames.
    • The candy's popularity stems from its taste, texture, colorful appearance, portability, and variety.
    • M&Ms have a strong nostalgic appeal and cultural significance, bolstered by clever marketing campaigns and memorable mascots.

    Melt In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand

    This famous slogan may not have been used much lately, but we all know the product well enough. These chocolate candy buttons are iconic. Everyone

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  6. Perfect Promotional Products for Spring

    Spring has sprung here in Australia, with lovely warm days and clear skies across the country. Not ideal conditions for the parts of the country gripped by drought, but while we wait for the rains to come there's some lovely weather to enjoy at outdoor events, picnics, or sports days. If you've got an event that falls during September-November, you'll definitely want to check out our favourite pics for Spring promotional products!


    1. Use products for cost-effective marketing.
    2. Choose useful items for Spring events.
    3. Consider the recipient and budget.


    Logo Branded Products for Spring Promotions

    Spring is a great season for promoting your

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  7. Origins of Custom Fortune Cookies

    Who invented fortune cookies? The answer is David Jung or an unknown chef in 19th century Kyoto Japan who used to call them Omikuji. So which is it you may ask? As with most things historical, it depends on whose story you believe in. Read on, and draw your conclusion, as to who invented the original custom fortune cookie.

    First Theory - The cookie was invented in America

    The first theory that many people believe is that David Jung, a Chinese American who resides in Los Angeles claims to have created the cookie in 1918. David Jung ran a business called The Hong Kong Noodle Company. A legal court in America ruled in David's favour that he indeed invented

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  8. Logo Branding for Colourful Campaigns

    We see a lot of designs and logos in this business, but there is one element that is continuously pushed to the side for a new font or logo design; colour. Colour is one of the simplest ways to say something about a brand without having to use the design or even words.


    Create Your Brand's Colour Ecosystem

    Gelato company Gelateria Di Neve has released their new marketing campaign, and the work that has been done by designer and art director Lana Lomakina is astonishing in its use of colour. Having your server in a uniform that reflects your colour scheme brings a coherent ecosystem of design and solidifies the brand immediately. Our range of Custom

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  9. Striking Executive Pen Brand Collaboration

    Collaboration and brand synergy are a tried and true moves to boost sales and create products that would never otherwise have been seen, none more evident of this than the teaming up of favourite stationary brand Faber-Castell and Bentley.

    Stunning Promotional Pens That Ooze Class

    This stunning line of pens features the unique Bentley knurling throughout their sleek metal body, and comes in colours based on custom Bentley paints tones. There is no denying that this line is beautiful but with a brand like Bentley, there is a price tag to match. The custom fountain pens are being sold for $450 each, and the ballpoint for $350. If you want to get them both, you can buy a calfskin carrying case

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  10. DIY Custom Message Fortune Cookies

    Do you love fortune cookies as much as I? Receiving a fortune cookie, with a unique message is like opening a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. I am going to share with you a recipe (I was going to write easy, but it really isn't) for custom message fortune cookies. Check it out (and if you cannot be bothered making them yourself, you can always buy your custom message fortune cookies from us).

    Ingredients for Cookies

    - 2 x Eggwhites
    - Vanilla extract 1 tablespoon
    - almond extract 1 tablespoon
    - vegetable oil 3 tablespoon
    - flour 100 grams
    - cornstarch 2 tablespoon
    - salt half tablespoon
    - sugar 1 tablespoon
    - water 2 tablespoons

    In a bowl beat the egg whites,

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