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  1. Ultimate 2015 X'mas Gift: Action Cameras

    GoPro is a brand that almost everyone recognises. The small, high definition cameras are extremely popular among all generations for their convenience in shooting action packed adventures. From thrill seekers trying to get the perfect shot abseiling down a cliff to teenage skateboarders filming their tricks, it seems like everyone has one these days.

    The reason for the success is GoPro’s ability to sell a lifestyle or experiences. They appeal to the public as more than just a camera, but an attractive way of living. “They don’t just sell a video camera, they sell the memory of the wave or the ski trip down the slope,” says Ben Arnold, a consumer technology industry analyst at The NPD Group.

    A simple search on YouTube will produce millions of videos of people living on the edge, on holidays

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  2. Why You Need a Promo Item Expert

    There’s a reason why people hire designers. Not only do they take all the time and effort off your hands, but because they are good at what they do. Designers understand how to create visuals that impact the eye and the best ways to organise and structure things.

    Hire A Professional

    When creating a design we appreciate that maybe a designer may know best. Whether it be personalising a magnet or a small promotional mug all the way to the interior of a building, it is sometimes best to scrap the DIY and hire a professional. Designers take the strain off making a regrettable decision after it’s too late.

    Design Fails!

    In the Cubic Promote Office, designers are our best

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  3. Great Decorations for your Home

    Origami is an ecofriendly, artistic way to relieve stress. For many, origami stands as a means to connect with other human beings while exercising the brain.

    Beautiful Cranes Serve as a Journal

    Christian Marianciuc from Romania is currently underway in his 365 day project of making a unique origami crane every day. The cranes are almost a therapeutic rebirth of creativity for him where he describes his day through the colours, textures and design on the crane.

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  4. Emoji's - great branding ideas

    The Rio Olympics is just days away now and as always, there are always a huge diverse range of memorabillia and branded merchandise available. Some of these are delightfully good, others are awfully bad, here we have got 5 of the best that the Olympic spectacle as on offer. Check them out and let me know what you think:

    Mini Soccer Ball Tom - Celebrate

    If there is one product or piece of Olympic merchandise synonymous with Brazil and its cultures and passions it would have to be the soccer ball. Emblazoned with the Rio 2016 Olympic Mascot 'Tom', a character symbolic of a famous Brazilian musician who sung songs of Brazil Charm. This is a unique, fun and vivid piece of Olympic Merchandise.

    Rio 2016 Olympic Games Mascot Plush Toy 30 cm

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  5. 2015 Best Logo Designs

    Logos are a great way to send a message to consumers about your product without having to say anything. The importance of having an effective logo is huge for businesses large and small. It provides a graphical representation to showcase the companies’ unique identity.

    Add Logos To Promotional Items

    With a great logo, you can create a united front for your company by branding items like clothing, stationery and computer accessories. This can help create brand awareness to increase sales and revenue.

    Best 2015 Logo Designs

    Recently the top logo designs of 2015 were released. The winners were judged

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  6. Funny Ideas to Brand on Promotional Items

    Funny animals are taking over the world. It seems that everywhere you look nowadays there is some form of funny animal compilation making you laugh. From YouTube videos to whole television channels dedicated to our furry friends, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

    At Cubic Promote we LOVE animals. Whether it’s an actual living, breathing cat, an animal shaped stress toy or even a fun animal pen, we just can’t get enough.

    Hilarious Ideas for Branding Your Items

    Recently Monika, a US based artist that is obsessed with Pun’s has released some insanely punny (pun/ funny) animal illustrations. They are certain to brighten up your day and are great ideas for branding if you want to make people laugh!

    Animals and puns… what a purrfect

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  7. 7 Hilarious Advertising Fails

    Ah, the world of advertising. It’s funny the lengths some companies will go to in order to make their product stand out. As far back as Ancient Egypt, advertising has been an important part of the business world by allowing products to compete with one another. But sometimes it goes out of hand thus resulting in a funny advertising fail. In this post, we'll talk about a few hilarious ad fails of other brands. We'll also tell you what advertising mistakes to avoid and tips on brand consistency.


    1. Avoid advertising mistakes to save money.
    2. Consistent branding builds trust with customers.
    3. Effective advertising boosts sales and credibility.

    7 Hilarious Advertising Fails

    Take a look below at these hilarious advertising fails! They are sure to give your afternoon an extra bit of LOL factor.

    • Wrong (?) Size Perception: Either they used Photoshop
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  8. Crazy Stunt Using Promotional Basketball

    Have you ever watched basketball players making the ball spin when bouncing? Have you ever wondered why? Well it’s a little thing called Science!

    Recently, some guys went all the way down to Tasmania to drop balls off a dam. The reason? To show you the difference between a ball dropped with no spin and a spinning ball.

    The ball that was dropped with no spin behaved as you would expect. It fell straight down to the floor with wind being the only factor moving it from its mark. However, adding a little spin to the ball makes a world of difference. The ball quite literally flies away in the opposite direction.

    Check it out here:

    The Magnus Effect

    This difference

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  9. Must Need Tea Bags for your Personalised Mug

    Are you a tea lover? Are your drains completely clogged with tea bags? Can u no longer walk into the kitchen for fear of slipping on them? Do you have tea bags coming out of your ears? Do you have absolutely nowhere left to put all of your used teabags?!?!

    Look no further, Cubic Promote has you covered.

    Ok, sure it’s probably not that bad, but just in case why not try some teabag paintings?

    Ruby Silvious, an artist from New York has created beautiful tea bag artwork from – you guessed it - old, soggy teabags.

    The project, named

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  10. Fun, Inventive Way To Reuse Cups!!

    When you’re finished with your morning coffee, what do you do with the empty cup? Chuck it in the bin, right? Well, for all the coffee lovers out there another alternative has been offered… draw on them!!

    Carrah Aldridge (@creative_carrah), a 19 year old self-taught artist from Ohio has proved to us the age old saying of that someone else’s trash is another’s treasure. By using old Starbucks cups as blank canvases, she has created truly mesmerising drawings that everyone will enjoy.

    As the seasons change, so do Carrah’s drawings. She incorporates gorgeous leafy, orange textures for autumn and icy blues for the cooler months of winter, giving us the feeling of the nature around us.  And her creativity doesn’t stop there; she also ensures that each cup looks different than the

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