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  1. Who Are Promotional Items for Anyway?

    Promotional items, those delightful promotional giveaways branded with logos and messages, have become ubiquitous in the Australian market. Whether it's a branded pen, a tote bag, or a quirky keychain, these items are designed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. But who are they really for? In this article, we'll explore the captivating world of promotional items and discover why they hold a special place in the hearts of Australians.

    • Promotional items in Australia go beyond freebies; they forge meaningful connections between businesses and customers.

    • Practicality is key for promotional items in Australia. Aussies love using these items in their daily lives. 

    • Promotional items in Australia evoke national pride and community spirit, creating a deeper bond between brands and their audience. 

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  2. Country of Origin & Quality

    The country in which a product has been manufactured within has over time become an indicator for quality. In my opinion though it is a very very poor indicator. There is a fair bit of stereo typing at work here because of the huge amount of product that gets produced a couple of bad products tend to easily give people the perception that everything from that nation must be either cheap or poor in quality or both. Places like India, China, Thaliand, Brazil amongst others are given a bad reputation for producing poor quality products. This is quite unfortunate though as these same countries are also responsible for some exceptional pieces of work which are so high in quality that they probably cant be created in other countries. Work quality you see is not related to country of origin. By saying something from China is cheap and then wink to imply low in quality is simply wrong. The old maxim you get what you pay for applies. Yes! many products from China and India are lower in price because

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  3. Location Based Promotional Items

    If you are lucky enough your company may operate several different suburbs, states or even countries. Recently I have seen mobile bank mobiles cruising around my suburb. These cars are plastered with the banks colours and brand names and even has the words "I love Chatswood," I can only assume they have these cars in each suburb with the corresponding name. It makes for a nice local touch and definitely makes the brand stand out more than others. Other places where I have seen location based promotional items are Hard Rock Cafe merchandise. You may own one or have seen them around. Basically they are souveneir shirts with the Hard Rock Cafe logo and the country or city in which it was purchased in. This small little touch have made some people go around collecting and trading these products. Location based promotional items are a great way to promote your company if you are an inter suburb or inter state or a multi national company. It offers you the opportunity to add a little cheeky fun

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  4. Successful Fund Raising & Body Language

    Promotional giveaways are a fantastic way to raise funds or awareness for your cause. Whether it be a charity not for profit or simply to raise awareness having a product allows you to create a great ambiance as well as attracting buzz and crowds to your stand. However despite the appeal of what funky promotional items can provide to your event it can all be ruined by simply bad body language.

    • Your representatives' body language plays a significant role in the success of promotional item distribution. 
    •  Invest time in training your representatives on proper body language and communication techniques. 
    • Genuine enthusiasm and engagement from your team are essential for a successful fundraising or advertising campaign. 

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