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  1. Commemorative Custom Wrestling T-Shirts

    When you attend a big event like a concert, a film festival, or a sports grand final one of the hottest promotional items you can get there is the commemorative t-shirt. These shirts boast details of the event including the date and often feature limited-edition graphics making them highly coveted items after the event is over. In 2020, WWE's Wrestlemania has decided to come at this classic product from a different angle.

    Marketing Your Event in 2020

    For many wrestling fans being able to attend an event like Wrestlemania in person is a lifelong dream, so you can imagine that there have been a lot of broken hearts among the wrestling community as COVID-19 has

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  2. Keep Warm With Promotional Scarves

    Many of us stuck indoors may not have noticed it yet, but the weather outdoors is starting to cool down. One of the most affordable options when it comes to boosting your warmth this Autumn and Winter is our range of personalised scarves, the perfect corporate gift for employees and clients alike during the cooler months.

    Why Choose Customised Scarves?

    Scarves make exceptional corporate gifts and uniform additions because they are affordable to produce, provide excellent warmth for the wearer, and can be customised with your unique message or logo. Promotional scarves can come in a lightweight, feminine style (perfect for women's uniforms) or heavier

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  3. Who Invented Surgical Masks?

    We've all seen surgical masks on TV, in the movies, and more recently being worn around by regular people concerned about the current outbreak situation. But who invented these simple but extremely important items used by millions of individuals around the world? The answer might just surprise you!


    1. Paul Berger pioneered surgical mask usage.
    2. Masks prevent infection spread.
    3. Promotional masks boosts brand recognition.


    The Original Surgical Mask was Custom Made

    The promotional face masks we wear nowadays have been produced in a sterile factory,

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  4. Work-From-Home Gift Packs for Staff

    No matter what your industry is, it has been a tough couple of weeks in Australia with things bound to get tougher in the months ahead. Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies that can do so are asking their employees to work from home. This is a great idea to help flatten the curve, but working from home can be a tough adjustment. That's why Cubic Promote has started to put together promotional WFH gift packs to help make your staff feel appreciated during these difficult days of isolation.


    1. Show appreciation with WFH gifts.
    2. Choose high-quality, personalised products.
    3. Boost team morale and unity.

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  5. Promotional Products for Kids at Home

    Lockdown has only just started across Australia however, at the rate things have been changing in the past week, it is only a matter of time before many kids are having to study from home while their parents also work from home. A daunting thought, isn't it? Well, it doesn't have to be if your organisation or community group helps cushion the blow with some affordable promotional gifts to help keep the kids occupied during downtime.


    1. Keep kids engaged with fun activities.
    2. Choose age-appropriate custom gifts.
    3. Get creative with packaging and bundling.


    Best Selling Custom Products for Bored Kids

    Any parent

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  6. Current Information on our Production Status

    Obviously, while we're in the middle of a once-in-a-generation pandemic the status of things can change quickly. One thing that hasn't changed in 2020 is our commitment to the Australian consumers who support Cubic Promote, which is why we want to clarify where things are up to with regard to production and promotional merchandise availability.

    Hand Sanitisers Are Being Produced With a 4-5 Turnaround Time

    We are working our butts off to get promotional hand sanitisers to consumers Australia-wide, but there is a very large number of orders and we have to ensure

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  7. Custom USBs for Remote Schooling

    In Australia right now, the state and federal governments are yet to enforce school closures due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, however, with several schools having to shut up shop when students and staff have tested positive, unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before we're likely to see further school closures across the country. This is where our tech promotional items like promotional flash drives may come in handy for your school, university, or study group.


    1. Facilitate remote learning with custom flashdrives.
    2. Enhance school branding and engagement.
    3. Order now for fast delivery.


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  8. Message from Cubic Promote re: COVID-19

    You've probably seen a lot of messages or emails from companies about their status during the Coronavirus pandemic, but we figured we'd join in as well because this a time when we all need to communicate clearly with one another about the issues that matter. First and foremost, Cubic Promote is still operating as usual and will continue to keep our standard office hours of 9am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday. You can also call us as usual on 1300 858 288 for prompt sales assistance throughout the day.

    Current Measures Being Taken

    The health and safety of our valued team and customer base are paramount, which is why we are listening to the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as the NSW state and federal governments. Our staff are able to work from home during this time if it is the best option for their

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  9. Boost Your Business With Promotional Merchandise

    Right now things are tough for all of us as individuals and tough times undoubtedly lie ahead for small businesses. If your coffee shop, restaurant, clothing shop, or corner store relies on foot traffic for the majority of its clientele then you'll already be noticing a significant downturn in the number of customers you have each day. The bad news is that this might go on for quite some time but the good news is that utilising promotional items may help you to survive the tough times ahead.


    1. Survive tough times with gift boxes.
    2. Customise items for brand recognition.
    3. Choose relevant and practical merchandise.


    How Your Business Can

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  10. Logo Branded Hand Sanitiser Giveaway

    While the NBA has been suspended indefinitely (word is they're eyeing a December to August season next year) and we're all stuck in various degrees of lockdown, there have been some positive gestures that have come out of the news in the past couple of weeks. One of which was the way the Dallas Mavericks stepped up to the plate when the COVID-19 Coronvirus pandemic started hitting home in the US using... promotional products!

    At its core, a hand sanitiser

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