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  1. Customised Work-from-Home Packs

    Is your business one of the countless Aussie companies impacted by a COVID lockdown? If your team is stuck working remotely over the next couple of weeks, why not make the experience a little less lonely for your staff by providing them with promotional working from home gift packs!

    Why Promotional At-Home Gift Packs?

    By sending promotional gifts directly to

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  2. Cubic Promote is OPEN

    Cubic Promote is OPEN

    With COVID-19 taking hold in Australia once again and lockdowns extending to around the country, the Cubic Promote team will be working-from-home during the next fortnight. Our working hours will remain 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday and although our customer care team is working remotely, we still have the capacity to safely package and despatch your orders from our warehouses as well.

    Staying Safe Amidst The Pandemic

    In the midst of the pandemic,

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  3. Custom Ted Lasso Promo Merchandise

    The Apple+ TV series Ted Lasso was one of the breakout hits of 2020 due to its deft combination of humour, positivity, and football. However, promotional merchandise from the series hasn't official been available until now. Was the Ted Lasso gear worth the wait? We think there's great branding ideas in this range that work for real life sports teams, schools, and other organisations looking to get noticed!

    Soccer Swag for Dedicated Fans

    Ted Lasso tells the tale of an American brought in to help coach a British football team, A.F.C Richmond. The club features prominently in the story as does fan interaction with sports and how players relate to one another.

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  4. Hand Sanitiser and Face Masks in Sydney

    Now that COVID cases are once again on the rise here in Sydney we've had an increase in enquiries for important everyday hygiene items such as promotional face masks and promotional hand sanitisers. Fortunately Cubic Promote is well prepared to supply these items (owing to flu season) so if your business, community group, school, or event requires personal protective products during this time then please contact our customer care team.

    Why Choose Face Masks and Sanitisers?

    Hand sanitisers and face masks can't give you complete protection against COVID-19, influenza, or any other transmissible illness. However, what they can do is offer you an additional way to keep these nasties at bay while going about essential everyday

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  5. Don't Miss Out - EOFY Branded Merchandise!

    After June 30th we're in a new financial year! As the end of the financial year approaches, businesses are scrambling to make the most of their remaining budgets while strategizing for the year ahead. One smart investment that ensures both short and long-term benefits is custom-branded merchandise. By offering eye-catching and useful promotional items, companies can increase their visibility and customer loyalty while taking advantage of end-of-year budget allocations.

    Maximize Your Impact: End-of-Financial-Year Branded Merchandise Extravaganza

    1. Celebrate Success with Commemorative Apparel - celebrate your company's achievements and hard work over the past year with customised apparel. High-quality branded T-shirts, jackets, or caps make great end-of-year gifts for employees and clients alike. Choose comfortable,
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  6. The Latest Promotional Product Picks

    June is a busy month when it  comes to marketing merchandise purchases due to EOFY, but the Cubic Promote team has still had time to add some new and exciting promotional gifts to our already extensive range. Keen to see some new product ideas before tax time? Check out the rest of our post!

    Gourmet Custom Branded Chocolate Bars

    Cubic Promote's range of personalised chocolates have been expanded to include a new collection of Australian made bars made with taste and style in mind. From luxurious Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars through to classic Dotty Milk Chocolate Treats, we are bound to have a 100g bar that suits your event or marketing campaign. We add

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  7. Queen's Birthday Holiday June 14th


    Just a friendly reminder that Cubic Promote's head office will be closed on June the 14th 2021 owing to the NSW Queen's Birthday holiday. Our customer care team will be back at work first thing on Tuesday the 15th, so if you have any quote requests or product questions, don't hesitate to send them in to enjoy a speedy response during business hours.

    Don't Forget June 30th - EOFY!

    With the end of financial year (EOFY) only a couple of weeks away, it's time to start thinking about getting in those last minute orders for promotional items your office can use all year round, like custom branded notebooks and pens. Don't let your budget

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  8. How to Use Custom Bubble Pop Sensory Toys

    Since going viral on TikTok recently, promotional fidget poppers have become some of our most popular products. These fun items are washable, reusable, and come in a variety of appealing colours. But if you're unfamiliar with the products or have yet to use them for yourself, it might be a bit hard to picture how they work. That's why today we're blogging about using bubble pop fidget games!

    Get The Most Out of Promotional Bubble Poppers

    Each bubble popper, regardless of shape or colour, features some of the same identical features. These include the "bubble" elements as well as the branding area for your logo design on the side. When you want to use your

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  9. Personalised Dunkin' Logo Apparel

    We've said it before and we'll say it again, Dunkin' is producing some of the most eye-catching promotional merchandise available today. The company's latest swag release is focused on personalised clothing and tote bags with a doughnut-themed look that ties in perfectly with their brand image. Check out our thoughts on these goodies below.

    Promotional Gear With Custom Decoration

    While the team at Dunkin' are used to getting noticed via purchasable t-shirts, logo branded sweaters, and drinkware, they have only recently started embracing individual customisation options for their popular merchandise. We've noticed a trend locally of consumers

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  10. Customised Wooden Gifts: Top Picks

    We often get asked about promotional products made from natural materials, from those Aussie businesses and events keen to avoid unnecessary plastics. If you're after something made from natural, renewable resources then our customised wooden promo gifts might be right for you!


    1. Choose eco-friendly promotional items.
    2. Enhance brand image with natural aesthetics.
    3. Demonstrate commitment to sustainability.


    Why Choose Natural Promotional Items

    These days businesses and community groups alike are putting the environment first when it comes to their marketing campaigns. Rather than spending up big on traditional plastic goodies, people

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