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  1. Personalizing the Opera House

    Have you seen the Opera House right now at night? It is spectacular with a capital S. We thought after being in our industry for so long and having been involved in all types of events that we would have seen it all and that we would know a thing or two about personalizing things and products. In case you missed it, here are images of what the Sydney Opera House looks like at night.

    The stunning light

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  2. 50 Shades of Google Blue

    Colour may dramatically change the way we perceive things. Google realised this when it had a $200 million increase in revenue simply by changing the shade of blue colour on its online advertising network. When it comes to designing things like logos and the visual way that internet content looks small changes can and will lead to a dramatically different perception by viewers.

    Creative Design Vs Big Data Sampling

    Designers love going with current trends to make things look contemporary, clean and modern. At times though the process of making things look good may get in the way of practicality or in this instance by Google it effected revenue.

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  3. Amazing Promotional Packaging for Products

    The presentation of a product is extremely important. Even products that seemingly are simple or even cheap are instantly transformed into something quite special and quite desirable. We have collected some great examples here. Some of these are concepts only whilst others are in production.

    There is one common feature in what makes packaging appealing. The really interesting ones incorporate functionality with graphics and motifs that resemble a totally different thing. Take for example these shopping bags promoting healthy food. The cut out window below is in the shape of a colon inside your stomach.

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  4. Funny Customised Print Tee Shirts

    We love tee shirts at Cubic Promote. It is the single item of product that allows for a huge branding space that can yell out to any passer-by a graphic or text that can speak volumes about you or any topic of your choosing. The fact that it can provoke all sorts of reactions makes custom printed tee shirts awesome.

    Funny Print Tee Shirt Quotes

    Here is a range of tee shirts which gave us more than a few chuckles. If you are in a grumpy mood then wearing one of these tee shirts may help in conveying that feeling to others, or simply making you feel a bit better by venting! Here it goes, (let me know which one if your favourite)


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  5. Custom Coffee Cups Redesigned

    Did you know the design of the takeaway coffee cup that you sipped from this morning is a design that dates back to nearly 30 years ago! That is 3 decades and not a single thing has changed from the original design.

    The original coffee cup design is simple and utilitarian, but only to a point. Slight movements sends liquid bursting through the lid. The liquid then gets caught into a groove indented onto the cup. This essentially represents your last line of defence against wet hot liquid from spilling onto you. Not very comforting at all.

    Another design fault on the current coffee cup is that steam is trapped inside the cup. This means that premium coffee after a while will taste no different to cheap flavourless

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  6. Why Stress Balls Make The Best Gift For Everyone!

    Stress is an emotion that everyone experiences no matter who you are or where you come from. Luckily there are lots of health techniques that help us lower those peak stress levels and combat tension. And nothing beats the quirky, addictive simplicity of stress balls!

    What makes a perfect gift?

    A humble stress ball ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a perfect product to give away.
    • Unique: Stress balls are not new, but the latest technology has seen an incredible surge in available designs.
    • Portable: You can take these rubber balls anywhere –home, work or even on the bus. De-stress yourself anywhere, anytime! Look around you.
    • Fun: Squish ‘em, squeeze ‘em and squash ‘em into all sorts of shapes. They make a fun, lighthearted talking point around the

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  7. Logo Changes You May Not Have Noticed

    Brands change logos all the time. This year we have noticed some Iconic brand names which you and I know and possibly even regularly use, that have undergone changes. Some brands have gone through small changes whilst others are quite dramatic indeed. Changing a logo is no easy task, as the amount of marketing and merchandise that goes along with it means these are huge expensive exercises. The changes of course have everything to do with corporate image and how these brands think consumers will react with a bit of tinkering to obtain a favourable image.

    Take a tour with us and check out these brand names that have had changes. Did you see any of these changes?

    Logo Brand Changes in

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  8. "Show ur USB Key" We asked 10 Aussies

    Being a leading vendor for memory sticks for a while now we have always wanted to know what people use them for? So we decided to ask! We had a theory: if it’s important, it goes on the memory stick. So, we set out to find out what ten Aussies kept on their memory sticks! Warning, it’s the good, the bad and the shameful! Go on, tell us, what’s on your memory stick?

    10 Aussies Tell Us What is on Their USB Stick

    What’s on your memory stick?

    ”I want to say it’s something exciting like the cure for cancer or something

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  9. Custom Stubby Holder: Top 5 Custom Stubby Holders

    For an Australian icon, the stubby holder wins hands down. It represents the Aussie laid back way of life, summer sun, socializing and good spirited fun. There is more to this stubby cooler than meets the eye though, and it has certainly come a long way in design and functionality. Today, it is a very versatile product which comfortably extends itself to holding everything from water bottles to kegs; not just man’s best friend - the can of beer!

    The 5 most popular stubby holders Australians love

    Whether you are looking for a promotional product or a comical gift, there is a custom design available to suit your needs. Here are our choice picks; the top 5 custom stubby holders.

    1. Keep wine cool with a glass holder with flair

    There’s nothing worse than a lovely glass of wine becoming warm during the evening as you hold it in your hand. Attach a stubby cooler in the shape of a wine glass, in the color of your choice, and not only will its crisp refreshing

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  10. Drake Courtside Using A Unique Branded Product

    He is the current king of cool at the moment. The person I am talking about is none other than Drake! His signature style for those who are not fans of his are mellow R&B beats which are delivered with hip hop lyrics with rhymes and words that flow with ease. In other words he is genuinely a gentleman in the world of hip hop dominated by a lot of hip hop thugs.

    So what does Drake do when he is court side supporting his favourite basketball team the Toronto Raptors (he is Canadian). Well he whips out his fan merchandise, supplied courtesy of the sports team in question of course and he casually to show his support. What has set tongues wagging (as well as dozens of jokes and parodies on Youtube) is that instead of using things like a branded scarf, or perhaps an embroidered cap he whips

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