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  1. Marusenko Sphere: Rubik's Cube Alternative

    Rubik's Cube was first invented in 1974 by a professor in Hungary named Erno Rubik. Since then, it has become the best-selling puzzle in the world, with over 350 million cubes sold as of January 2009. However, over the years, many new puzzle games have emerged, each aiming to take over the crown of the Rubik's Cube. One such game is the Marusenko Sphere, which is marketed as a potential competitor to the Rubik's Cube.


    1. Marusenko Sphere competes with Rubik's Cube.
    2. Marusenko Sphere has unique advantages.
    3. Customization options for Marusenko Sphere.


    Marusenko Sphere

    The Marusenko Sphere is a three-dimensional puzzle game that involves rotating the puzzle to achieve color

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  2. Stress-Relief Food Replica Promo Items

    There is a lot of stress in modern life which makes it all the important that we eat right and we eat well! There are certain foods though that can help us reduce stress. Here are a few that have been known to really help you battle the blues and power on with an optimistic smile throughout the day. We thought a fun way to show off these foods was to compare them with the equivalent stress ball toy and USB flash memory drive look alike


    1. Use food replicas to reduce stress.
    2. Consider different stress-relieving promo items.
    3. Benefits of stress-relieving promotional products.

    Promo Items Resembling Food

    Here are our fun finds:

    • Fatty Fish Salmon USBs: It is all the Omega 3. It works wonders for reducing anxiety. So go crazy on Sashimi, next time you are in a Japanese Restaurant. We have an awesome product which is a flash memory drive
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  3. Photo Fun With Custom Desktop Stationery

    What do you do when you are at work and you are in between meetings and have a little time to kill? Well if you are German artist Bettina Guber, you get out your camera and you start transforming your work station into a tiny make believe world where all sorts of weird and wonderful things happen. Well Bettina is an artist after all and some of her creations are delightful. She has posted some of her work on her blog. 


    • Stress management techniques can increase productivity and creativity in the workplace.
    • Promoting a positive and supportive work culture can improve employee morale and reduce turnover rates.
    • Providing resources such as counseling or wellness programs can help prevent and mitigate health concerns.


    Check out some of these hilarious scenarios of everyday common promotional

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  4. Retro Custom Office Products In the Past

    Nostalgic Tuesday. Things have moved on heaps in the past 10 to 20 years. If you are reading this in an office, then take a look around. If you are young enough you may notice a lot has changed in terms of corporate stationery and technology that used to be common place in the office but has now been replaced. So with a pair of misty eyes, let us walk down memory lane and check out some products that were popular only as far back as 10 to 20 years ago. For those who are really really young, then perhaps you may be a bit amused. Here is the list:

    Office Products You No Longer See

    1)    Floppy Disks: Before solid state pocket hard drives that can achieve memory capacities of 128 gigabytes and beyond people used to save important documents on floppy disks. Why were they called floppy? Well the first ones were indeed just that, bendable pieces of plastic about

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  5. No Promotional Hand Sanitizer? Make Your Own Instead!

    Hand sanitizers are a product that has become very very popular in the past few years. When the common flu is no longer common anymore, but instead is a dangerous combination supercharged germs and viruses that cause lots of damage and even death, the need for clean hands is more important than ever. Our promotional hand sanitizers are made using an alcohol base with a minimum of 60% content (research shows that anything less than 60% does not provide reliable germ-killing power). However what if you want an alcohol free version? Well here are some tips and a recipe for making your very own hand sanitizers using common products found in supermarkets or around the home.

    Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer

    Certain oils and liquids are common known agents that kill germs. They are not as effective

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  6. The 5 Best Water Bottles in the World

    There are sneaker freaks, toy collectors and enthusiasts that collect all types of collections. So it is with no surprise that there are also those of us who enjoy collecting water bottles. In fact me and my sister have a sizable collection ourselves. The designs that can be found on water bottles can be absolutely inspiring. So here are the top 5 best water bottles that we have seen thus far.


    1. Choose quality water bottles for effective branding.
    2. Emphasise eco-friendly values for positive impact.
    3. Optimise customisation options for unique promotion.

    Top 5 Best Drinking Bottles

    Here goes the list:

    • The Bubble Bottle: These have been hugely successful in the past few years, so you may have seen these in shops. (we stock promotional custom branded bubble bottles on our site) The concept is simple. Take a normal water bottle and stick a
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  7. Old Phone Recycling VIC Art Expo

    Ever wondered what happens everytime you recycle something like a can, some paper or a mobile phone? Well the answer is everything good and useful. You see some of the recycled items end up as materials used to remake things. What type of things you may ask? Well everything from notebooks, frisbees, rulers and more. You can see a whole range of products in our eco promotional item section on our website which has literally hundreds of different product ideas. In the instance of recycling mobile telephones even more natural resources are saved.

    Federation Square Melbourne Exhibit

    Mobile phones are being phased out for new technology all the time. MobileMuster

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  8. Branding the Olympic Logo

    The Sochi Winter Olympic Games are on right now in a big way. The Olympics as a modern organisation is big business today and like most big businesses they protect their intellectual property in a lot of detail and they are extremely quick to react to any breaches. We love branding and when it comes to branding the Olympic Games Logo is arguably the most recognised symbol on earth. The process to create such a powerful popular symbol is no easy task. It requires not only having a great design to begin with, but it also requires that standards are met consistently year after year. It is this consistency over time that sets it apart. In fact I cannot even remember if the symbol has every gone through any changes big or small. This is remarkable as even brand names like McDonalds and Apple have gone through changes over the years.

    Logo Branding Policy

    I used the word policy as opposed to guidelines, the instructions for branding the Olympic logo is non negotiable. Either

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  9. The Ultimate Promotional Toy for Big Boys

    Would you remember playing this when you were a child? Perhaps you looked on with Envy at other kids, or maybe you are like me and have got one for your child? Well a gentlemen in England that we can only describe as being a bit of an eccentric nutter called John Bitmean has taken his childhood toy and created a replica. Not just any old small toy replica (like some of the custom branded toys in our range) but a life sized replica of the famous Red and Yellow Tike car. However that is not the best part about it.

    You see this life sized Tike car is actually a real car! It is not just a large piece of plastic with a lawn mower motor either. It is a fully registered and approved road worthy car that travels just as fast as a real

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  10. Year of the Horse Festivities

    5th day into the Lunar calendar, Year of the Horse, Chinese New Year is still being celebrated with most of chinese employees still on holiday. Around the world, celebrations have been or are still being held.

    Lanterns Of Terracotta Army

    This year in Edinburgh at the University Old College as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Lanterns of Terracotta Army is on display the first time outside of China. These amazing lanterns inspired by the 8000 Terracotta Army buried with the then Chinese Emperor from 210–209 BC, was created originally for the 2008 Olympics held in China, Beijing by Chinese artist Xia Nan. Up to 2.5M tall (taller than a man) this exhibition showcases horses, men, women and children, in brilliantly lit colours of red, green, white and blue.  Xia Nan has kept the sculptures similar to traditional lanterns by using colorful papers stretched over bamboo or metal framed hoops.

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