Monthly Archives: May 2023

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  1. Memorable Marketing: Promotional Tea, Coffee and Reusable Cups

    Reusable Coffee Cups on Display

    Custom promotional tea and coffee packs with logo decoration have become increasingly popular ways to reach out to customers and staff in Australian businesses since the pandemic first hit. They are a great way to send a personal message on practical and cost-effective products that Aussies are genuinely likely to use at home or in the office.

    Fantastic Promotional Gift Ideas

    Promotional tea packs and branded bags of coffee beans pair perfectly with custom reusable coffee cups to make a great value gift pack that you can use as a winter warm-up conference reward for attendees, as a send-out present for WFH staff, or as part of an awareness

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  2. Promotional Beanies, Gloves and Scarves for Winter

    Winter Apparel

    Is your company looking to enhance staff comfort over the winter months? Cubic Promote has the solution to dealing with winter chills, and it is our range of promotional beanies, scarves and gloves!


    When buying custom branded uniforms, most Aussies will automatically think of large outerwear items like jumpers and hoodies to help supplement everyday outfits during the cooler months. However, smaller winter accessories like custom branded scarves and hats offer a fantastic opportunity to boost your brand visibility and provide a much-needed means to stave off chilly winter breezes!

    Custom Branded Beanies

    Customised beanies are one

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  3. Support the Oceans With Custom Reusable Bottles and Cups

    Eco Cup and Bottle Choices

    Marine pollution is one of the biggest threats facing our oceans today. It's a complex issue that can have devastating consequences for marine life, ecosystems, and human health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, much of the marine pollution we see in our oceans today is the result of human activity which is why we're bringing up the issue today on the Cubic Promote blog.

    Why is Marine Pollution a Big Problem?

    From plastic waste to oil spills, spilled chemical fertilisers to sewage runoff - all human pollutants can lead to some level of destruction in our precious ocean habitats. The most visible form of marine pollution are floating items like disposable plastic drink bottles, bottle caps, or packaging from canned drinks which wind up on beaches and eventually end up polluting our oceans. However, this isn't restricted

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